Heather Gearhart

Born and raised in Arizona, and now living full-time in Flagstaff, Heather Gearhart fell in love with the community as a NAU student where she earned her bachelor of science in public relations and met her husband, Ryan. Now a 30-something mom of two kids (A – age 8, and C – age 6), Heather is on a journey to just “be.” She’s a self-proclaimed mess who let go of perfection to instead live by the mantra to “relax and embrace the crazy.” Heather blogs about her mishaps, learnings and adventures in parenting on www.LifesETC.com.

This is NOT Perfect

"This is not perfect." My daughter made the phrase famous in our family as a three year old. It's something we all use to describe situations that disappoint or sometimes even anger us. But...

Surviving Baseball Season in Flag, 2.0

Spring in Flagstaff. Honestly my least favorite season in our small mountain town, with its strong winds, 40+ degree temperature swings and the real possibility of snow. Coincidentally, spring is also when hundreds of...

Surviving Baseball Season in Flagstaff

Five years ago this April, I eagerly ushered my then 4-year-old onto a soft green field for his first year of T-ball. I donned a tank top, baseball cap, and flip-flops, and prepared to...

Learning to Fly: How Aerial Arts Saved My Daughter

  Aerial arts seems a little out there. But I lovingly wrote my first ever blog post titled “No Tattoos!” for my then 5-year-old daughter. That should paint a pretty immediate picture of the free-spirited...
hot mess

No. You’re Not a Hot Mess Mom.

The Hot Mess Mom. We love them. I identify as one. And it's been a liberating term that's helped me ditch my perfectionism and settle nicely into a pool of "we're all in this together." I...

Winter Break Bucket List [ FREE Printable ]

The holidays are here! And the countdown to winter break is on. The "Last Day of School" is marked on my calendar - generating excitement among my littles and raising anxiety for me. Why?...

Guide to Fall Color in Flagstaff

Drive around town and you know...fall has come to Flagstaff, Arizona. It's been playing peek-a-boo with us for awhile now, and amateur photographers everywhere (including myself) are walking up and down the city streets capturing...

Sanity Saving Slime Making Guide

Whether you shudder or smile at the word "slime," there's no denying it's become a rite of passage for children and moms alike. I've been stuck in my own slime-making H-E-L-L-O (just remembered we're...

Dyslexia Awareness Month – What?

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and I'm learning we are grotesquely unaware. Part of it could be that the Dyslexia folks chose one of the most frequently used awareness months to throw their hat into...

I Hate Playing Barbies: Finding Parenting Moments in Play

Yes. I said it. And I used the "h" word because I feel so strongly about it.  When my 7yo asks me to play Barbies, it takes everything within me to say "yes." I have...

Fall in Love with Flagstaff on a Flagstaff Food Tour

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I believe the adage rings true for anyone with a pulse. We all love great food. And there’s no better way...

What Mom Wants for Mother’s Day: FREE PRINTABLE

Ah...expectations. We all have them, but don't often share them. Silent expectations create so many problems in our lives and especially related to big holidays like Mother's Day. In fact, just last night "silent...

Online or IRL Friendships? The Answer is Both.

A few months ago, I tried to cut out Facebook friends who live in the same town. It was a grand experiment to see if it was possible to reject online society in favor...