The Owners

Kara Hyvarinen, Kate Eschbach, and Angela Barako

Flagstaff Mom Collective, formerly Flagstaff Moms Blog, was co-founded in March of 2017 by two moms, who shared a passion to provide an all-encompassing resource for Flagstaff area families. Both had relocated to the area and felt there was a great need for an online community that would provide online resources, share about local events in the community, provide content geared towards parents and also connect moms offline.

We absolutely love the Flagstaff area and all the unique opportunities that our community provides, and we love being able to offer a go-to resource to make parenthood in the Flagstaff area a little easier (and more fun) to navigate! If you are looking for something similar in another city, Flagstaff Moms Blog is part of City Mom Collective and there are sites all across the US!

If you are interested in being involved with our events, or partnering with us please email [email protected].

Thanks for following along!