Winter Break Bucket List [ FREE Printable ]


The holidays are here! And the countdown to winter break is on. The “Last Day of School” is marked on my calendar – generating excitement among my littles and raising anxiety for me. Why? Because I don’t like my kids.

Wait? What?!?

No. I LOVE my kids. But you wouldn’t know it based on how I’ve behaved during past winter breaks.

I get short tempered (read as…she totally loses it). And I tend to cry…like, a lot. I seriously consider giving them coal and wonder if it’s ever actually been done by any parent in history.

How exactly are we supposed to work, prepare for the holiday and juggle kids??? Especially kids with no schedule and an endless abundance of energy?

I’m trying something new this year…a Winter Break Bucket List.

It wasn’t my idea. The kids loved their Summer Bucket List so much, they requested one for Winter Break and immediately started shouting out suggestions.

Our list includes things like making a gingerbread house, sledding (c’mon Flagstaff snow!), baking, taking a drive to see the holiday lights, etc. And while your list can feature anything you’d like, I do have one suggested rule:

Plan at least ONE (1) activity per day of Winter Break.

Planning this does two things. First, it gives you the ability to say “YES” to your children without having to say yes to every single request. Second, it gives your children something specific to look forward to each day.

“Mommmm…can you come play?” 

“Yes – we’re going to build a gingerbread house in a little bit.”

“Mommmm…I want to go play in the snow!”

“Yep – we’re going to build a snowman as soon as I finish this project.”

See that…I get to say “no,” with the word “yes.”

At the moment, I face a few technical challenges…like no snow…but you and I are moms. We can figure out fun alternatives.

Will it work? I don’t know. But I know “failing to plan is planning to fail,” and trust my Winter Break Bucket List to at least help me maintain some sanity.

Plan yours using this Festive Printable! Each Bucket List features lines for activities. Enjoy!

Much Love – H