Hi, my name is Brooke and I am a newly appointed Domestic Engineer (aka stay at home mom). I lived in Florida for 20 years before moving to Flagstaff, Arizona, to work in marketing as a graphic designer for a medical company. While working, I fell in love, got married and am now mom to Josie (3) and Isla (1). I enjoy finding great deals that I can pass on to friends, spending time with family and friends, and all things coffee and Lululemon.

Flagstaff Parks and Playgrounds

  It's fall and in Flagstaff, that means chilly temps and gorgeous foliage in hues of crimson, gold, and magenta; and it is the perfect time to get outdoors! Whether you are new to Flagstaff...

Flagstaff Holiday Activities and Events

With the holidays just around the corner, local families and visitors alike are starting to plan fun holiday activities. And luckily, Flagstaff offers a lot of original local holiday events. I have compiled a...
meal box

How Meal Subscription Boxes Save My Sanity

  Meal planning seems to be all the rage now, and I'm completely for it, but I just can't seem to do it. Since becoming a mother of two I can't quite get my ducks...
sleep coach

I Hired A Sleep Coach

A while back I wrote a post about enjoying night time wakings and feedings with my newborn (here). Looking back I truly feel that I soaked up as much late night, swaddled baby burrito...

30 Days Facebook Free

Ok, so maybe it wasn't exactly 30 days Facebook free. What initially transpired was that I was trying to stop using my time looking at social media so much and start trying to do more...

Hello Motherhood, Good-Bye Beauty Routine

I wake up every morning at 7am, I take a nice hot shower, I do my hair, I put on my makeup until it's just right, then after staring at my closet for approximately...

How We Turned Potty Training Into A Game {Printable Chart}

Last spring my daughter was attending a preschool that allowed for non-potty trained 3-year-olds, but I was soon moving her to a different preschool that did not allow any diapers whatsoever and the clock...

Getting Crafty – What to do with all those Wine Corks!

Are you like me and for some reason save all of your wine corks? Sometimes I save them because they were a part of a special occasion; a birthday, anniversary, etc. Other times I just...

Free PRINTABLE: A Mom’s To-Do List

If you are anything like me, then being a mom has left you with foggy mom brain and no time to yourself. So trying daily to keep everything and everyone on track can become...

How Do You Know If You’re Done Having Kids?

I, by chance, did everything 'by the book' - college, career, husband, then babies. I spent so many years not having babies that by the time it was decided by me and my husband...

How I Save Money Shopping From Home

I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm getting older and I don't like crowds as much. Or the fact that I am a mom of two small children and the thought of...

My Love / Hate Relationship with my Stroller

After the birth of my second baby, my husband bought me the Cadillac of double strollers. It was beautiful, sturdy, and had plenty of storage for necessities. And it was big. I needed it...

When You Don’t Feel Safe In Public With Your Kids

  Before I had kids, if I was approached in public for money, I would feel nervous and sometimes threatened. I would also get a bit irritated and ask myself, ‘if you are truly not...