How Do You Know If You’re Done Having Kids?


I, by chance, did everything ‘by the book’ – college, career, husband, then babies. I spent so many years not having babies that by the time it was decided by me and my husband to start trying, it was such an odd concept. Were we ready? Should we wait longer and just be married a few years before bringing kids into the mix? When pregnancy did not come easy, we moved on to infertility treatments, IUIs then IVF. We went from definitely not trying to have kids, to trying to have kids, to most definitely trying to have kids.

Two kids and eight years of marriage later, we wonder… are we done having kids? Is that phase is our life officially over? It’s as if we had blinked. Personally, I love the early baby stage. I love the tiny, wrinkly soft bodies, the baby burps, the swaddled baby burritos. But as these adorable babies grow, reality sets in and the mental weight of having to be responsible for these little people gets real.

Again, we were faced with such an odd concept. Do we stop having kids?

Everyone has their own reason for having one, two… six kids. Some are done due to extenuating circumstances such as medical or financial reasons, others just know. But what if you don’t just know? I feel pretty at peace with having two. My age is definitely a factor and I’m not sure if I could get pregnant again if I wanted to. And knowing myself, I know that noise and crazy can get to me pretty quickly considering my introverted personality, and since kids = noise/crazy,  fewer are probably better for me. I know that I would make time and have enough love to go around no matter how many children I had, but I feel comfortable knowing my time and energy only need to be split between two right now.

So am I done having kids? Well, I don’t just know. But for now, I am happy and content with my family four. 

I would love to know how other mommas knew when they were done having kids!