Free PRINTABLE: A Mom’s To-Do List


If you are anything like me, then being a mom has left you with foggy mom brain and no time to yourself. So trying daily to keep everything and everyone on track can become a daunting task. Sometimes I go to bed at night trying to remember all that I need to do and hoping that I don’t forget something… and definitely feeling like I have already forgotten something.

I used to rely on a calendar, and still do keep one, but the little boxes just never seem big enough Some days I would have lots to cram into that little square, other days nothing. Then I would have a separate list of to-dos with little check boxes that make me feel like I had accomplished something in my day. Sometimes I would make this little to-do list on the perimeter of my calendars to try to keep all of my ‘stuff’ together and in one place in an attempt at some form of organization. And there is always that separate grocery list floating around when I’m not just trying to remember it all in my head.

I got a bit tired of feeling semi-organized but scattered at the same time. So I started sketching out a calendar/to-do list almost weekly and began to feel more on track.

I have refined it a bit more and have laid it out in the Download Printable .

It has a handy dandy checklist for to-dos, a place to write important appointments or commitments for each day of the week, a grocery list, and an area of the miscellaneous items that don’t fall into any of the other buckets.  I love the idea of putting these items into my phone or an app, but I do much better when I can see an entire list on a piece of paper in front of me, so this form of organization works best for me.

What do you prefer, paper or electronic organization methods? And what would you add to this printable to help you stay better organized?