Jessie Luckey

Jessie Luckey
Jessie Luckey spends her days managing three tiny humans. Jessie has called Flagstaff home for over 14 years and even met her husband swing dancing in Heritage Square. Jessie's degree is in education, with an emphasis in early childhood and currently puts that to use teaching the ELL community part time. She loves Jesus and being outside.

April Poll: Flagstaff’s Favorite Smoothie Stops

Do you love a good smoothie? We asked our local Mom Community and Conversation page for their favorite smoothie stops and the most votes went to: #5 Bookman's Cafe Honorable mention to Bookman's. Any cafe I...

Date Night Ideas: Restaurant Hopping!

This year was our first having to plan an anniversary dinner around a baby. Meaning we needed something quick enough to get care and needed very little energy in executing. Enter our favorite date...

Gifts for When You Don’t Know What to Give

Some people are extremely hard to shop for gifts. Either because they are overly opinionated, private, because they have everything a person could need or what have you. Me, I'm a minimalist and I'm very...

Guide: A Vegan Weekend in Flagstaff

Flagstaff has some amazing food options! For every preference or restriction, it is not too difficult to find what you're looking to enjoy. Whether you are rolling into town for a weekend away or...
planning for Christmas

Planning for Christmas, in July

If you had asked me as a young adult if I considered myself a Type A or B personality, I definitely would have stated I was a Type B. I was a theatre kid....

My Infertility Journey

Many women walk through an infertility journey that remains unspoken. It can leave us thinking that we are alone and the only ones on the journey. I hope that by sharing my journey, you...

Daycare is Raising My Kids

  Well...not daycare. My children don't go to "daycare." They go to an early childhood enrichment center. I usually just say child care, or school. I've heard several people make the comment about not sending their children somewhere...
teacher gifts

Teacher Gifts Your Kids’ Teachers Actually Want

  The holidays can be a busy and rushed time for all of us, and one person, in particular, is someone you shouldn't forget to acknowledge - your kids' teachers. Now, I'm not telling you...

I Wanted a Girl, and That’s Okay

We didn't have a boy name or even a cute fetal nickname. From the beginning, I referred to my lower abdomen as Louise. "Say hello to Baby Lou", I would tell my daughter. We would...

My Husband is Not One of My Children

When I married my husband, I expected, and received a partner. Someone who would run the house as my equal and when it came to it, take care of our children. Sometimes we can't...

Theatre Makes Me a Better Mom

I love musical theatre. Mostly being a part of community musical theatre. I love the challenge of learning new music, harmonies, and choreography. I like working with a familiar community and meeting new people...

Merry Minimalists Christmas

You may be seeing a lot of posts recently about intentional gift giving and making the holiday season more authentic and less materialistic. Many families are overwhelmed with the busyness of the holidays. Between...

Fam, Clean Your House!

What I hope to share with you are not tips and they are not tricks on house cleaning. Sometimes someone new just needs to come along and remind you what you already know because...