Gifts for When You Don’t Know What to Give


Some people are extremely hard to shop for gifts. Either because they are overly opinionated, private, because they have everything a person could need or what have you.

Me, I’m a minimalist and I’m very vocal (re: obnoxious). Honestly, when we receive gifts, I typically donate the majority of them. (Sorry not sorry)

It’s not because I’m ungrateful but because I don’t find the need to keep things I don’t want: knick-knacks, books I’m not into, clothes for my kids that say stupid things on them, electric versions of things that don’t need to be electric (you get my point). I would rather get nothing than something I’m going to have to make an effort to redistribute.

So here is something for all the difficult people in your life, that like me may seem impossible to please.

Experiences and Time Together:

I cannot say enough how much the gift of something to do wins over any other kind of gift! Even better, I love when someone gifts something with the intention of us using it together or had the foresight to give us something to do as a family. It doesn’t even need to be big. Here are some ideas for various ages:

  • Harkins Loyalty cup, movie tickets or Popcorn Rewards
  • Play Park punch card for Summit Gymnastics
  • Theatre tickets
  • Music Together class
  • Escape Room
  • Bearizona tickets
  • Babysitting!
  • Dinner, gift card or together
  • Groupon (great place to check out deals for other cities too!)
  • Lunch date (honestly, my favorite gift)


  • College Tuition
  • Money for something specific

A few years ago we asked for money toward a vacuum robot. Robot Frank is still going strong, and is the most consistent cleaner in the house! For my daughter, we always ask for money toward activities.

  • Lessons (musical instruments, swimming etc)
  • Charity in your name

If you told me that instead of buying me a gift, you made a donation in my name to a charity that supports something I fight for, I would really appreciate that. There may be people who wouldn’t like that, but they would probably feel like a jerk for saying it.


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