Valentine’s Tradition With Your Kids – I love you because…


Valentine’s Day is mostly geared towards couples but it’s also a great time to build traditions with the whole family! I found this Valentine’s Tradition idea on Pinterest a few years ago and we have loved doing it every February!

The idea is that you will fill your child’s bedroom door with some reasons why you love them. We make hearts out of construction paper and write a new reason every day from February 1st-14th. I made a sign that says (Child’s Name) I love you because…….

Some ideas are things like, you are brave, you read so well, you are sweet to your sister/brother, you are cuddly or whatever is special about your child!

My husband and I also like to switch back and forth who writes them. I also try to write different ones for each kid so they each feel special for them. It is easy the first few days but by the last few you have to get pretty creative. My kids wake up every morning and usually go straight to the door to see what we wrote!

As my daughter got older she also liked to write hearts for us and tape them on our door!

My husband is working on Valentine’s Day so the kids and I have decided we will celebrate by making heart shaped pancakes! Plus the restaurants are always busy on the big day so why not enjoy it as a family and sneak away with your love on a less busy night!




Yes, Valentine’s may be a “Hallmark holiday” but don’t be a scrooge and use it as a reason to start a Valentine’s Tradition and tell everyone in your life how much you love them!



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