April Poll: Flagstaff’s Favorite Smoothie Stops


We asked our local Mom Community and Conversation page for their favorite smoothie stops and the most votes went to:

#5 Bookman’s Cafe

Honorable mention to Bookman’s. Any cafe I can munch at after buying new books all using credit from selling my old books is great with me!

#4 Dottie’s Garden Coffee Shoppe

Bulbs, shrubs and treats!

#3 The Local Juicery

FMC writer Teaghan Haviland loves their Sex in the Desert!

#2 The Juice Pub

Two way tie with The Local Juicery, don’t confuse these two stops! Try them both!

#1 Eat n’ Run Cafe

Eat n’ Run was the overwhelming winner by local moms! Check out their Arizona Sunrise smoothie or the Popeye.