How to Keep Cool Without AC


People who move to Flagstaff are often shocked to find that most of our homes and apartments don’t have air conditioning. I grew up in NC without AC so I’m used to toughing out the heat. Here are some tips for keeping cool this summer.

1. Go find AC. I know this is cheating, but it works. Hit up the gym, take the kids to Target, visit the library, go to church, make a friend with AC, and so on. Do what you have to do.

2. Get wet. It’s hard to be hot when you’re wet. We have a water table and a sprinkler for the kids. When things get rough I yell, “Water day!”

3. Invest in a big fan. We upgraded our ceiling fan to the biggest size available. It has made a difference.

4. Get that cross breeze going. My husband has a whole schedule for opening the windows. Play around and see what works best for your house.

5. Eat cold stuff. I cut up watermelon and freeze it. The kids eat it like an ice pop, but it’s actually healthy.