Christine Davis

Christine Davis lives in Flagstaff with her husband, son, and adventure dog. They like to go on easy hikes, eat lots of local burgers, and have fun in the sun and snow. She holds an MFA from Northern Arizona University, where she currently serves as an instructor in the English department. Her work can be found in Crack the Spine, Four Ties Lit Review, Atlantis Magazine, and Sanctuary Literary Journal.

Mom Saver: Pockets of Away Time

My lovely friend gave a demonstration about time management at our work orientation awhile back. A jar was held up and then filled with rocks. The rocks represented the big things we all have...

The Anxious Life: December Edition

I see my future, a plan, a goal, and then it flees the frame. I can't remember what I am supposed to do. A staircase appears, and I begin ascending for the sake of...
mental load

The Weight of the Worrying Woman at the Holidays: Seasonal Mental Load

I've read all about the mental load that women carry. In relationships, women tend to do most of the mental labor. Seasonal mental labor includes researching toys, choosing what gifts to buy family members on...

Fall Fun: Crafts to Keep or Gift

I know many of us Flagstaffians live far away from our parents and extended family. I love to send my mother, grandmother, and in-laws crafts from Jett. My grandmother actually frames crafts from all...

Motherhood as Limitation

I've been lucky enough to take lots of writing workshop classes (and to teach some, too). Writing can be overwhelming. Like...what do you write about? It's easy to feel stuck. Guided writing activities are...

Why I’m Not a Fan of Hugging it Out: A Forced Hug is Not...

When I was little the “hug it out” routine was in full swing. Parents, coaches, and other adults asked kids to hug each other, usually right after a conflict that wasn’t fully resolved. The...

How to Keep Cool Without AC

People who move to Flagstaff are often shocked to find that most of our homes and apartments don't have air conditioning. I grew up in NC without AC so I'm used to toughing out...
different state

Geography of the Heart: Becoming a Mom in a Different State than Family

I'm the first daughter in my family to move to a different state in at least five generations. That's right, I have broken a tradition dating back to the 1800s. Southern guilt is real,...
house hunting

House Hunting in an Out of Control Market: How We Got the First Place...

We recently sold our townhouse without having another place lined up. No, we weren't leaving town. Yes, we were worried about it. As the days ticked on, the stress mounted.It was what we had...
unseen mother's day

Unseen: Mother’s Day Matters

There was a wonderful episode of the TV show The Middle where the mom just wants to be alone for Mother's Day. Her family plans a big day out so she can stay home...

This English Teacher is too Tired to Read to Her Own Kids

My husband and I both work full time and we have two kids under 5 with no childcare (you know, because of the pandemic).Here's our schedule3:30 a.m. Husband goes to work while I watch...

What Can a Man Be?

There are many important conversations happening in America, and I'm not saying this one is more important than others, but it came up at my dinner table this week: what does it mean to...

Up All Night Mom: The Second Shift

If you aren't familiar with the term, "The second shift," it refers to the domestic labor that mothers perform after returning from jobs outside the home. The "equality" of this labor has improved somewhat...