Christine Davis

Christine Davis lives in Flagstaff with her husband, Justin, and her children, Jett and Cadence. They like to go on easy hikes, eat lots of local food, and have fun in the sun and snow. She holds an MFA from Northern Arizona University, where she currently serves as an Assistant Teaching Professor in the English department. When she's not teaching or chasing children, she writes and publishes poetry.

Winter Adventures: Events and Activities to Make this Season Special

Every season in Flagstaff makes me feel lucky to call this place home, but winter holds a fond place in my heart because there are so many opportunities to view the magic of snow,...

Saying Thank You to Children

My child sometimes says please and thank you. If he really wants something, he yells, "Peeeaaaassss." I call that progress. I try to always say please and thank you if we are out to...

Soup’s On: Cheesy Potato Soup Served in a Bread Bowl

One of my favorite things about Flagstaff is our extended soup season. An October chill sends me straight to my cupboards to get out "the big pots." Growing up in the South, my mama...

The Potty Fairy

I tried to potty train my son at various stages, and it never worked. I finally adopted the attitude that he would eventually "train" himself, or let me know when he was ready. Days...
fourth in flagstaff

The Fourth in Flagstaff: A Guide to Celebrating Independence Day

I have always loved the fourth of July. As a kid it was one of my favorite holidays. I can still remember watching the fireworks from a huge field in Kernersville, NC. The music,...
local coffee

Top Ten Local Coffee Houses in Flagstaff

Here in Flagstaff we are blessed by the mountains and the abundance of amazing coffee shops. This list is not comprehensive, but I hope it helps you start your own caffeine tour. If I’ve...
baby items

Baby Items You Really Need (and Don’t): My Second Time Around

My first child is almost three, and I'm due in August with my second! It's exciting, but most aspects of being being pregnant this time around are harder. I can't rest like I could...

10 Tips for the Pumping Mama

I breastfed my son for a year with minimal problems, and only pumped while at work, so when my little girl came along and had feeding problems I was pretty much beside myself. I...
time management

Time Management for Moms

As we wrap-up New Year's Resolution season, I've been thinking about something my students constantly struggle with: time management. I always assure them that I struggle with this too! I find it difficult to...

Mom Saver: Pockets of Away Time

My lovely friend gave a demonstration about time management at our work orientation awhile back. A jar was held up and then filled with rocks. The rocks represented the big things we all have...

The Anxious Life: December Edition

I see my future, a plan, a goal, and then it flees the frame. I can't remember what I am supposed to do. A staircase appears, and I begin ascending for the sake of...
mental load

The Weight of the Worrying Woman at the Holidays: Seasonal Mental Load

I've read all about the mental load that women carry. In relationships, women tend to do most of the mental labor. Seasonal mental labor includes researching toys, choosing what gifts to buy family members on...

Fall Fun: Crafts to Keep or Gift

I know many of us Flagstaffians live far away from our parents and extended family. I love to send my mother, grandmother, and in-laws crafts from Jett. My grandmother actually frames crafts from all...