Fall Fun: Crafts to Keep or Gift


I know many of us Flagstaffians live far away from our parents and extended family. I love to send my mother, grandmother, and in-laws crafts from Jett. My grandmother actually frames crafts from all of her grandchildren (and great-grandchild)! It’s one way for them to stay connected, and for me to let them know that I’m thinking of them. Facetime is great, but I think there is something very tactile about Fall. You want to reach out and touch things. Here are three quick crafts you can make to keep or mail out!

Beautiful Autumn Tree

Materials: brown, red, and yellow paint, and white paper

Step one: You paint one foot brown and press onto a sheet of paper. Their toes should be touching the end of the sheet.

Step two: Then paint their fingers red and yellow, and touch their fingertips to create “leaves” above the heel of their foot. This is good, somewhat messy fun!

Step three (optional) Do this as many times as you want to create a “forest.”

*I did one tree, took a picture of it, and then made nice fall cards to send out via Shutterfly.


Materials: Orange paper, white paint, black marker, optional googly eyes

I did this one with my toddler last year! Pro tip: store this in a folder, so it doesn’t get wrinkled like mine did! Oops.

Step one: You paint one foot white and press it onto orange paper (toes should be touching towards the end of the sheet).

Step two: Draw a ghost outline around the foot, and do two dots for eyes in the heel of the foot (or googly eyes).

Step three: Write a cute message and send it out!

Take a Leaf Out of My Book

Materials: white paper, crayons

Step one: Collect leaves (this is fun all on its own).

Step two: Put down a sheet of white paper, then place a leaf bottom side facing up. Lay another piece of white paper over the top. Trace the leaf with a crayon.
Step three: Write a message starting with “Take a leaf out of my book,” and finish it with something a relative always says. For example, “Take a leaf out of my book, always put something on your shoulders.”

Step four: Mail the craft to that relative!