Soup’s On: Cheesy Potato Soup Served in a Bread Bowl


One of my favorite things about Flagstaff is our extended soup season. An October chill sends me straight to my cupboards to get out “the big pots.” Growing up in the South, my mama used to make the most delicious soups (chicken and dumplings, lemon chicken and squash, and so on). I’m going to share my favorite soup recipe of hers below! This is a hearty, down home soup that looks fancy in its little bread bowl. This is the perfect dish to serve after a day of hiking, collecting leaves, or maybe (dare I hope too soon) sledding.

To make the bowl:
-Bake a ball of dough (you can use a can of pre-made dough from the freezer section, get dough from the bakery of a grocery store, or make your own) at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes
-make the top into a lid (like you would create a lid for a pumpkin), then press the inside dough into the sides, to create a thick, hollow bowl.

To make the soup:

-3-4 big cartons of chicken stock
-1 tablespoon of “Better than Bullion” paste or 2 bullion cubes
– 1 lb cubed red potatoes, leave the skin on
-1/2 an onion, thinly chopped
-A family sized block of Velveeta
-1/4 lb of Havarti cheese
-1 jar pimentos
-1 jar green chilies

-Boil the red potatoes and onions until they are almost done 6-8 mins (still a bit firm, not falling apart)
-In a separate pot start with half of the stock and the bullion, add cubed cheese (both kinds) until the soup is smooth. You don’t want it to look like dip. Add more stock as you go.
-Fold in drained potatoes and onions, pimentos, and chilies (including the juices) at the end.
-Serve in the bread bowls
-Feel free to garnish with toppings
(chives, olives, black beans, or corn are all options)


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