Top Ten Local Coffee Houses in Flagstaff


Here in Flagstaff we are blessed by the mountains and the abundance of amazing coffee shops. This list is not comprehensive, but I hope it helps you start your own caffeine tour. If I’ve left out your favorite place, please add it in the comments. Happy sipping!

  1. My mom and I enjoying giant lattes when she visited from out-of-town

    Brandy’s! They have an East and Westside location, a coffee and alcohol bar (or embrace it all and do a dirty whisky chai), and yummy food. Both locations have patio seating for these lovely summer days. This is my favorite brunch location.

  2. Eat ‘N Run has a full coffee bar with lots of choices and new selections. My go-to is the Boatman’s Breakfast smoothie with oats, peanut butter, and espresso. Their salads are also wonderful. This is an East side gem that’s a perfect stop if you are headed to or from the Aquaplex.
  3. Macy’s is arguably the best-known Flagstaff coffee establishment, with lots of unique history. The Macy’s special (a hot-chocolate-meets-coffee concoction that is pure love) kept me going through grad school, and their grilled cheese sustained me through pregnancies. They are also a vegetarian café with plenty of patio seating.
  4. White Dove is a Flagstaff treasure. They have lots of menu items named after Beatles songs, which is reason enough to visit, but their vibe inside is
    A little work of art

    also very comfy and relaxing. They sometimes have live music as well. This is a great place to set up your laptop and get some work done while sipping an awesome beverage.

  5. Lund Canyon Coffee is located in Aspen Place shopping center. I am OBSESSED with how nice the owner and staff are. The last time I visited, I noticed a cake sitting on the counter. When I asked about it, they let me know it was a birthday cake (I believe a surprise) for one of their regular customers who was a veteran. Make sure to stop and chat with the folks here when you go, because they will feed your body and soul. Also, their coffee is top-notch.
  6. Cedar House Coffee Shop is an Eastside staple with a menu offering a large variety of beverages. They often host kid-friendly events, and I always end up leaving with a necklace or other cute find from their shop.
  7. Toasted Owl has both East and Westside locations with dog-friendly patios. Their pastries are huge, the food is good, and the bar specials are always a hit.
  8. Tourist Home has some of the tastiest desserts around, and they have a full coffee bar. Kids love their patio, and this is a great place to enjoy a relaxing brunch with friends.
  9. Late for the Train is a perfect stop if you are spending a day downtown, maybe showing guests around our lovely city. They have lots of choices and cute décor.
  10. Wicked AZ, Matador, and Kickstand coffee are the only local places I know of that offer drive-thru service (Kickstand also has an indoor option). It’s a shame to lump them all together here, but I didn’t want to leave any of them out! Somedays I’m just not willing to get the kids out of their car seats, and I appreciate being able to get my coffee while blasting the Cocomelon soundtrack in my Prius.