Kendal [ Candid Motherhood ]


We asked Kendal to share what surprised her most about Motherhood and she said, “How much you can love another person, in fact, two other people!! These kids are the best thing that has ever happened in my life and they motivate me every day to be a better, more loving, patient, and accepting person.” 

Beckie of Beckie Cochran Photography spent an afternoon with Kendal are her children, documenting their outdoor adventure. Living in Flagstaff, AZ we’re lucky to enjoy access to so much outdoor beauty, we love the shot of the group examining the wildflowers. Motherhood against the backdrop of the Ponderosa Pine Forest – stunning! That last photo of Kendal with her son flung over her shoulder – That.Is.Motherhood. We’ve all been there! Thank you, Kendal and Beckie Cochran Photography for these wonderful images. 

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