Spanish Rice {in the INSTANT POT}


How many of you have tried to make Spanish rice on the stove top? Unfortunately, for me even after being taught by a Mexican woman, a family friend, how to make it on the stove I could NEVER get it cook.  It was ALWAYS still crunchy! So, when my mom bought me my favorite kitchen appliance, next to my Kitchen Aid mixer, I thought I should try to make it in there!! How pleased was I to find that it turned out PERFECT on the first try!! I will never go back to making it any other way! 

In our family, we definitely do Taco Tuesday night which we make my turkey tacos. Also, I usually will make a big batch of refried beans so we can have a full meal. These are some of my tried and true recipes! Since I use my pressure cooker a lot I will usually make things in advance to break up having to clean it in between! Also, if you are short on time all three of these recipes are quite easy to make ahead and reheat for a quick dinner.

As you will notice in the pictures I used my mother in laws pressure cooker by Cuisine Art. I did this just to show that you don’t have to own an Instant Pot brand pressure cooker. The instructions should be the same across the board.  

You will put the oil, rice, onion, garlic, salt and pepper in the pressure cooker on sauté. You will want to keep it moving so it doesn’t burn.  Wait for the rice to turn white then add the chicken bouillon, water, and tomato sauce. Close up the pressure cooker and set it for high pressure for 18 minutes. Your patience will be rewarded with yummy, fluffy and flavorful rice.

I love using my Instant Pot what other recipes would you like to have me test out and post for your consumption?  

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