How to Throw a Football Party


Fall has arrived with the cool weather, comfy sweaters, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes at Starbucks, and of course the return of football!

Throwing a football party is one fun way to get your friends and family together on the weekends.  How can you show your friends and family how to throw the best party? Follow these steps and it will turn your home into a football stadium.

The Football Food:

Everyone knows the food is the most important part of the party.  Serving food that is easy to eat and an easy clean-up for you is always ideal.

  1. Buffalo Wings- Create a boneless wing bar with different dipping sauces (buffalo, bbq, ranch, honey mustard, teriyaki, etc.). Our family favorite boneless wings can be found at Walmart. Or take it up a notch and fry up some wings. We have tested out a few different recipes for wings and these from Tasty are by far the best ones.
  2. Dips- Who doesn’t enjoy chips and salsa or ranch-based dips? We always like to have dips that go with chips or veggies to help balance out the other food and add some “healthy” food in your mix. My go-to dip has to be the Tastefully Simple Spinach and Herb Dip.  I usually serve this with Italian bread and veggies.
  3. Meats- Two of our favorite meat dishes to serve at parties are smoked pork tenderloin with different rubs or sauces and slow cooked pulled pork. If you have an electric smoker the pork tenderloin is a quick and easy meat to smoke.  You can eat the meat plain or as a sandwich with different sauces.  We like to top it with teriyaki or bbq sauce.  Slow cooked pulled pork is very low maintenance ance and easy for anyone to make. Top the pork off with your favorite seasonings, some chicken broth, and bbq sauce.  Let it cook for 8-10 hours on low.  Top your pulled pork with coleslaw to make it Memphis style.

The Football Décor:

  1. Football Field Table Cloth- Stop by your local craft store to pick up green felt to fit your counter or table where the food will be displayed. While you are there pick up white duct tape and adhesive numbers. Add the white duct tape to create the yardage with the numbers to reflect the spot on the field.
  2. Mason Jar Silverware Holders- Pick up a few mason jars, paint, and brushes to create different mason jars to hold your silverware and napkins. I created a playbook, football, football field, and ref.
  3. Printables- Now that you’ve added some décor, it’s time to print out footballs and banners. Free printables can be found here.  The printables include banner, footballs, water bottle labels, and food labels.