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My Biggest Parental Regret

Until three days ago, I would have said that my biggest parental regret, hands down, was that my daughter, who was just about a year and a half old at the time, got into...
Flagstaff in October

The Guide: October

Fall is officially here! We're big fans of this season and all the fun activities and events happening! This time of year life seems to be moving at such a rapid pace, one that...

Guide to Northern Arizona Pumpkin Patches

Fall is one of the greatest seasons in Northern Arizona, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best Pumpkin Patches in our area. Viola's Flower Garden Pumpkin Patch Opens September 29th 610 South State Route...

Guide to Celebrating the 4th of July in Flagstaff

  The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays in Flagstaff! It’s the epitome of a “small town 4th." Here’s a quick rundown of the festivities, including tips & tricks to make your...

Vacation Bible Schools

Here is a list of Vacation Bible Schools in our area for the summer. Bridge church June 6-9 Northland Baptist Church June 11-14 First Southern Baptist Church June 12-16 San Francisco de Asís June 19-23 (cost is $50) Flag...

Guide to Summer Camps In + Around Flagstaff

It’s time to start thinking about those summer plans for your kids! This guide has something for everyone! We encourage you to work through this list and contact those camps you are interested in...

Join the Writing Team for Flagstaff Mom Collective

Are you passionate about Flagstaff and families in our community? We will be adding to our group of regular contributors and we’re looking for fresh, local voices to join our team! These are volunteer positions...

Teacher Favorites Printable

We've had Back to School on the brain in our house, anyone else? Trying to remember all the things to order, purchase and pack in honor of sending our kiddos out of the house...
social engineering

Social Engineering: The Digital Decoys Enticing Kids to Click

You may have heard warnings about “social engineering.” While the term is simply a fancy way of describing fooling people into giving away their personal info online, the repercussions are quite serious.   Examples of social...

Work-Life Balance: Tips from Flagstaff’s Busiest Surgeon

As we each find our own way through life, we all have different experiences, often in different directions with different motivations. Some of us strive for success in business or a happy home and social life, but many...
what you don't see

What You Don’t See: Raising a High Needs Child

I’d like to tell you about my son Blake. He’s a clever little guy who loves trucks, dance parties, and riding his bike. He’s a sensitive soul who deeply wants to connect with others....

Looking for a New School Option? Enter Great Hearts Online

The last two years of navigating the schools and academic decisions for our families have been both challenging and quite frankly, really confusing. At times there seems to be no great option for our...
keep kids safer

Weekly Hacks to Keep Kids Safer Online

It’s never been harder to keep kids safer online. Ironic, isn’t it? The technology that has provided us more connectivity than ever before also opens digital doors that expose children to all kinds of new...