Join the Writing Team for Flagstaff Mom Collective


Are you passionate about Flagstaff and families in our community?

We will be adding to our group of regular contributors and we’re looking for fresh, local voices to join our team! These are volunteer positions with lots of fun perks.

What You GIVE

  1. One original post per month on topics of your choice (within the brand and mission of FMC)
  2. Twelve month commitment
  3. A passion for moms, kids, and the Flagstaff area
  4. Reliable, team-oriented, flexible & fun attitude

What You GET

  1. Your photo and bio on the Flagstaff Mom Contributors page (with links to your personal blog and/or Instagram & Twitter handle if you choose to share them)
  2. Access to the FMC Contributors Facebook group, and access to FMC internal communications
  3. Opportunity to test products and/or visit local businesses for review purposes (translation: free stuff)
  4. Continuing education and professional development in the areas of writing, blogging, SEO, social media and event management
  5. Coffee shop meetings, hugs, new friends, and play dates

What To DO

  1. Send us some writing samples. Email two articles you have written to [email protected]. A successful post would be one that falls into one of these categories: points to a shared experience of motherhood; offers a solution to a common motherhood problem; offers practical advice; offers encouragement, always with your main point in mind; a how-to post (recipes, crafts, children’s activities, household management, organization, projects, DIYs) etc. Note: we are not looking for journal entry, story-telling, or “open letter” style of writing.
  2. Include an explanation of why you’d like to be included on the FMC regular contributors list, and tell us your niche, if you have one: health and fitness, humor, crafts/DIY, working mom perspective, etc.

About Our Decision

Many factors influence our final decision on who is the best fit for our team. Often we are looking to fill a particular topic/niche area or style of writing. If it isn’t you this time (or if it wasn’t you last time), please know it may have nothing to do with how much we like your writing, or you as a person/mom/friend/neighbor.

We’re looking forward to adding more local voices to our community!