Teacher Favorites Printable


We’ve had Back to School on the brain in our house, anyone else? Trying to remember all the things to order, purchase and pack in honor of sending our kiddos out of the house and into their classrooms for the next year. Of course, we’re also thinking about about their teachers. We love to love on our teachers because we value their commitment to education and the insane amount of effort and hours they pour into their students! This Teacher Favorites printable makes it so easy to share the love.

Gift giving is not my love language – I admit it. I need some help. I have friends who are the most amazing and thoughtful gift-givers. But me, nope! I think we’ve all been stuck in that gift-giving idea rut. Sure there’s always a Starbucks gift card or a Target gift card for supplies. But, believe it or not, not all teachers love coffee and Target (gasp!), so this helps really get to know them so you can get them meaningful, practical gifts that they will actually use (they probably don’t need another scented candle). So, I created this easy Printable to hand out to the teachers, babysitters, church teachers and childcare workers in our lives!


Simply print our Teacher Favorites page and give to the special people in your life and you’ll be totally prepared for Christmas, Teacher Appreciation, Birthdays and the End of School Year!

Be a class-mom hero and share the answers with the other classmate’s parents!

A little gesture can go a very long way in showing someone how much you value their efforts. Something as simple as a favorite lip-balm or candy bar can give a boost to say, hey – I see you and I appreciate all you do.

Happy Back to School to all the Teachers!