Busy Mom Hacks


This school year has hit me hard. Between teaching, moming, and everything else, I stay swamped.

Here are a few ways I stay organized and sane.

Breakfast Prep
I use this oatmeal recipe . I put half in these mason jars , and keep the toasted oatmeal in a baggie on the side. The other half I freeze for the next week (it freezes pretty well).

Meal and Grocery Plan
I’m only prepping breakfast, but each Sunday I write out a dinner menu for the entire week here. I also write down a list of lunches (it’s less detailed than my dinner list). I scan the weekly grocery ads and make a list of what to buy. This cuts down my trips to the store and ensures that I stay on budget by eating out less.

List of Goals
I made a list of around 10 goals I have this year (workout, meal prep, budget, see a friend once a week, and so on). I wrote them down and posted them on my fridge so I can see a quick daily reminder of my priorities. One of my big goals this year is to only grocery shop 1-2 times per week. Seeing this on my fridge keeps me on track.

One planner
I bought a planner from Marshall’s (they have the best prices on planners) and I’m actually using it. Typically, I have to wade through emails, texts, and Facebook events to figure out all my plans. Now I’ve put the dates for my MOPS meetings, work meetings, playdates, book signings, local events, and so on all in one spot. I make sure to look at the planner daily, and I even write in things like church, laundry, and putting the dishes away. It really helps to see my time and to avoid double booking. It does mean that I carry a planner in my purse all the time.

When All Else Fails, Just Say No
I’m giving myself permission to say no, whether I’m busy or not. I guarantee we all do too much. It’s ridiculous. Sometimes we need to sit at home and watch Netflix while the kids play with Playdough. Doing nothing is very important. I learned that from Winnie the Pooh.