Tiffany is a digital marketer & front-end web developer living in Flagstaff, AZ with her husband and two daughters. You can find her watching the Coyotes, working on home projects, and enjoying an iced soy latte.

Easy Frittata Recipe

Once October strikes, it seems like the rest of the year is jam-packed with activity after activity, holiday after holiday. Throw in birthdays, holiday parties galore, and for us, the start of hockey season,...

Planting the Seeds as They Grow

It’s true what they say, they grow up fast. So fast. Here I am with a three-year-old and I can barely remember what the baby stage was like. But what I do remember is each...
pregnancy loss

Explaining Pregnancy Loss to a Toddler

In June of this year, I had a pregnancy loss. In light of October and Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month, I wanted to write something on the topic, but I wasn't entirely sure what...

5 Ways I Use Essential Oils in My Home

When I hear the words essential oils, I immediately get an icky feeling inside. It makes me think of all of the MLM companies out there and I want nothing to do with it. So...

DIY Summer Project: Renovate a Play Kitchen

Two summers ago, our neighbors gifted us a play kitchen that their kids had outgrown. My daughter was still young, but we gladly accepted it, and it stored books and other toys out of...
delivery drivers

Free Printable: Thank Your Delivery Drivers

In a year where we've seen an exponential increase in online shopping (hello, Amazon) due to the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, it feels important as ever to express our gratitude and appreciation for the...

Team Toys or Team No More Toys?

Let’s talk kid gifting. Are you Team Toys or Team No More Toys? I used to be on Team No More Toys. Clutter gives me anxiety so anything I could do to reduce the volume...

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Gift guides are one of those things that I love to put together and read. The ironic thing is that my love language is not gifting. I prefer quality time and acts of service. But...

Kids Outfits for Disney

Planning a trip to Disney soon? Are you wanting to add that extra special touch of getting your kid(s) a fun outfit for the park to get that perfect castle shot? Well, in case you...

Easter Basket Gift Guide for Babies, Toddlers and Big Kids

I'm back with another gift guide! This one is all about filling your kid's Easter baskets with ideas for all ages, from babies and toddlers to bigger kids (4-7?). I like to choose an...

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I do not like roses. There, I said it. I also don't love boxes of chocolate. Or stuffed teddy bears. So here's a list of some of the things I do like (and would...

How to do a Pro Sporting Event with Kids

Some people might think we’re nuts bringing a squirmy toddler to a professional sporting event, but watching hockey is something that my husband and I enjoy doing together — and we think our daughter...

2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Sources (left to right): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Father's Day is coming up so here's a quick gift guide I put together with my own husband in mind. He has, loves,...