Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


I do not like roses. There, I said it. I also don’t love boxes of chocolate. Or stuffed teddy bears. So here’s a list of some of the things I do like (and would not be mad about receiving) on Valentine’s Day, if I was into that sort of thing.

My love languages are acts of service and quality time, so my ideal “celebration” would involve sushi takeout from Karma, a sea cream coffee with boba, a cozy blanket, and Netflix or hockey. Lucky me, there’s a Coyotes game on on Valentine’s Day! But, if your love language is receiving gifts and you need to give your partner some ideas, maybe this list will help!

1. Zombie Mask – This one was recommended to me by a friend, who said it’s the best mask ever. So while I haven’t tried it out, I trust his recommendation. But any face mask would do (have you heard of masks for your hand and feet?), plus throw in a couple of bath bombs or bath salts for a nice, relaxing evening. It might involve your third wheel(s) joining you in the tub as it does for me, but work with what you’ve got.  

2. Plush Robe – This one was also another recommendation from my Instagram Stories. Said her husband got it for her and it’s the best gift. This one has great reviews and doesn’t seem too bulky.

3. All-Over Moisture Stick – My friend has gifted this matcha green tea moisture stick to me two years in a row and it’s really great. I use it under my eyes, anywhere that is dry, and also as lip balm. Also, it’s thicker and twice the size of a chapstick tube, making it to find at the bottom of your bag much easier.

4. Mahabis Slippers – My husband bought these slippers for us over the summer. While I gawked at the price, I can say that they are worth it. They are super comfortable, they don’t make your feet sweaty, and you can even wear them outside with the rubber sole that attaches to the bottom. Because of the higher price point, I take better care of these slippers over the $5 pairs from Old Navy, etc.

5. Framed Photo – A framed photo is always a special and thoughtful gift. I bought one of these a few years ago using a photo from my Instagram account. It was super easy to do and only took a few minutes. Lots of frame choices with a limited heart-shaped mat. Pick a fun family photo or one of you together. Order by 2/5 for free shipping and delivery by 2/13.

6. Dyson Cordless Vacuum – If you’re willing to splurge on a gift or combine multiple gifts into one, this is the one to do it on. I can’t say enough good things about the Dyson cordless vacuum. One being that it’s cordless. Before I got it during Amazon Prime Week, my sister told me that it’s life-changing and I wouldn’t regret it. And she was right. You can find other models that are less expensive or for discounts on eBay.

7/8. Fuji Instax Camera – This camera is and will forever be on all gift guides because it’s a great and fun gift to give. Who doesn’t love Polaroid film? Or you could always go with the Instax printer if you want to have more control over what your Instax images look like.

9. Enamel Pin – Pins are always fun and an easy gift if you’re doing the whole “no gifts” thing 😉

10. Felt Hat – Can’t go wrong with a nice, wide-brimmed fedora hat.

11. Pillows – If you’re in the market (or not in the market) for a new pillow, this will be your new favorite from Tuft & Needle. We absolutely love these pillows and sorely miss them when we’re not home.

And, I think it goes without saying for mamas that some alone, self-care time is always appreciated. Mani/pedis, massages, quiet time away from the kids so that you can go for a run or hike, grab a cup of coffee, or even browse your local bookstore or Target (right?) are always a win in my book. But, be sure to reciprocate for your partner, too.


  1. Spoiler alert, there are no good boba places in Flagstaff. The sea cream coffee boba I get is at Bubble Cups at 67th Ave and Bell in Glendale!

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