Kids Outfits for Disney


Planning a trip to Disney soon? Are you wanting to add that extra special touch of getting your kid(s) a fun outfit for the park to get that perfect castle shot?

Well, in case you haven’t spent enough money on this trip, let me help you out.

I just came back from a Disneyland vacation with my family and spent the weeks leading up to our trip searching for cute Disney-inspired outfits. I was specifically looking for pieces that didn’t scream DISNEY!!! or have phrases like Keep Calm and Disney On (I made that up.). I also didn’t want anything in that calligraphy font or that labeled the members of my family. Nothing against them, my preference was more simple and subtle.

I quickly let go of the family matching thing I’m not a huge graphic tee person. While I do enjoy trips to the theme parks, I am not a Disney fanatic. So I would probably never wear the shirt again. That left my five-year-old and four-month-old girls. I decided against getting anything for the baby because she would be sleeping most of the day and wrapped up. But she did get her Mickey ears and a silhouette cut to match the rest of ours.

So here are my picks for Disney-inspired outfits. Most of these links are from small shops and need a bit of lead time for shipping. If you’re in a pinch, try Old Navy, Gap, Target, and h&m.

There are a few more that I found but can’t track the links down at the moment. I’ll update this post if I come across them again. Do you have any additional shops to share?