A Letter to All the Pregnant Ladies

Let me just start by saying that I know pregnancy can be extremely difficult for some women and much easier for others but regardless of how your pregnancy is going, I hope this helps a bit.
Normally, when a pregnant woman is asked how they are doing during, they usually comment on their appearance or how they physically feel. They use words like ‘huge’ and ‘ugly’. Ladies, just stop it. You are carrying a human being inside of you and you are beautiful! Even though I have no idea what you look like and I’ve probably never met you I am pretty sure you look darn amazing!
Sure, some maternity clothes can be pretty drab and matronly but there are so many cute maternity clothes to choose from nowadays. Treat yourself to something cute and enjoy your new body because that belly will be gone before you know it.
And enjoy all of the love, attention, and gifts that are being showered on you right now. Especially if this is your first baby. People treat first-time moms like they are the first person ever to be having a baby.

Embrace it and enjoy it while it lasts.

And lastly, treasure every moment you have to yourself while your little bun inside your belly because they will be out soon and your life will be changed forever. Of course, it will be changed in many amazingly wonderful ways, but again, enjoy this time to yourself and relax. Do some nice things for yourself like massages, manicures, and coffee dates because soon those seemingly minor activities will be far and few between.
Pregnancy can be such a stressful and difficult time but I really hope that some women can slow down and embrace this time as being wonderful and unique and very fleeting.

Did you enjoy pregnancy? I would love to hear what other moms went through during this stage.