2017 Reader Survey Results


Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our Reader Survey! Congrats to Jenn R. who won the $10 Target Gift Card! #NerdAltert we loved looking at the pretty pie charts full of your personal results! We’re busy working on all kinds of fun things for 2018 – and we want to make sure we’re doing our best to serve the moms and families of Flagstaff. 

Here’s what we learned about you:

How Long have you Lived in Flagstaff: 

Over half (63%) of our readers have lived in Flagstaff more than 5 years. That’s so interesting! We’ve heard many people talk about how “transient” Flagstaff can feel with people arriving for work or school and then moving on. It’s exciting to know that many of our readers are established residents. 

What Neighborhood do you Live in? 

Not surprising that many of you live on the West Side, followed by the East. Don’t worry Kachina, Mountainaire and Parks – we see you too! 

What Age Range Do you Fit?

Age is just a number, but we expected to see a lower number on the top and bottom end of our range. We do love that the other groups are fairly evenly shared. 

Relationship Status:

Every submission stated they were married or in a domestic partnership. We know there are single moms in our community – and we want to make sure to provide support and content for them as well. 

How Many Children Do You Have?

1 – 3 children was the popular family size – but NO ONE that responded to the survey is pregnant or trying to conceive. Hmmm…

How Old Are Your Kids:

The majority of readers have Preschool-aged children, followed by school-aged and then infants. 

Are you currently pregnant or planning to be pregnant in the upcoming year?

Ah. See the previous question about family size. Good luck to everyone looking to grow their families this year! 

How would you describe yourself?

81% of our readers surveyed work in some capacity either full or part-time, outside of the home, or remote. The remainder of readers are not currently working. 

How often do you trust the information and advice of blogs/websites you’re familiar with?

Over half of readers mostly trust the advice of sites they are familiar with. This is important to us! We value your trust and want to provide you with the best and most honest information. 

On what device are you most likely to read Flagstaff Moms Blog’s content?

This is very helpful information! When we draft and edit our site content we’re doing it from a computer – but we, personally, read most content from our phones as well. We’re working on optimizing mobile content in 2018 – so stay tuned! 

Do you follow us on social media? If so, what accounts?

96% of readers follow us on Facebook and 40% on Instagram. 7% on Pinterest and 3% on Twitter.

How do you shop for your family? 

88% shop online, with 85% at Big Box Stores. 63% shop locally and 3% Thrift. 

Have you ever attended a local holiday, community, or concert event you read about on Flagstaff Moms Blog? Like we have in our Monthly Guides.

We love to hear that! We’re working to bring most events and community information to FMB in 2018. 

How often do you read the posts on our site?

Thank you for reading! Our Contributor Team does an amazing job of creating original locally-focused content that we are proud to share on FMB. 

What’s your favorite kind of post to read on FMB?

Top categories were:

  1. Guides to Local Events
  2. Honest Articles on Parenting
  3. Recipes and Food

What topics would you like to see more of on the site?

Really exciting results! 

  1. Household Management: Budgeting, Meal Planning, Homework Routines
  2. Adventure: Outdoor Activities, Hiking, Camping
  3. Fitness and Women’s Health
  4. Marriage/Sex 

Have you ever attended an event hosted by Flagstaff Moms Blog?

We’re just getting started with events – and we’re always looking for fun ideas. If you have an idea for an event – email us! [email protected]

What types of events would you like to see more of from Flagstaff Moms Blog?

Top requests were for more Free and Family Events. We hear you! Followed by Playdates and MNO.

What factors determine whether you’ll attend a Flagstaff Moms Blog event?

Event Day/Time and Cost were the biggest factors. 

Thank you again to all the readers who submitted responses. We’re looking forward to what 2018 will bring and we’re excited to grow the Flagstaff Moms Blog Community!