Kids Christmas Gift Ideas


Tis the season of loads of work for moms! We may not be able to have the same Christmas magic for ourselves as we did pre-kids, but it is pretty dang magical to watch them tear those presents open on Christmas morning! I take present buying VERY seriously. I always try to get the people I love something they will really want, so I put a lot of research in. I have a secret board where throughout the year when something cool shows up on Pinterest I can save it to remember when I am looking for Christmas gifts.

My kids are all into different things this year so shopping has been a bit more difficult. I have a toddler who mostly would enjoy toys but living in a small house I don’t want more toys all over the place! Then, I have a Kindergarten boy who is all about building things but already has tons of Legos. Then most difficult has been my almost 9 year old daughter and everything she wants is expensive!

I thought I would give you all a small list of some of my favorite things my kids have received over the years or ideas of presents my kids may be getting this year! There are always great deals going on so these are just examples of where to buy things but do some research and find the best deal! Also if you are buying online before you check out Google coupon codes for that site. You may get lucky and find a few dollars off or free shipping!


Exersaucers: These were my lifesaver when my babies were little! Pop them in there and take a shower, a power nap or eat something without being touched!

Pacifiers: I always stuck a bunch of these in their stockings and the babies are always so excited to get a new one!

Bath toys: Let’s be honest bath toys can get gross so I like to add in some new ones every year so I can sneak out the old ones without them noticing!



Duplo Legos: I LOVE these legos, they are not the step on one and die size but big chunky ones that even little hands can build with. My son has had some since he was around 3 and at 6 he still plays with them all the time!

Dress Up Clothes: Toddlers and Preschoolers love to dress up and pretend. I loved this stage and I really loved taking Spider-Man or Cinderella to the grocery store because that is all they would wear! This is a great gift to get second hand, almost everyone has had a dress-up bin at some point and when their kids grow out of them they pass them on for cheap! 

Doctors Kit: I think 3 or 4 is that perfect age to get your kids a medical kit. This is another toy that has lasted multiple years in my home. They can pretend with each other or with you and as they get older they can doctor their baby dolls or stuffed animals.

School-Age Kids

Walkie Talkies: You can find some pretty inexpensive walkie-talkies that work well. The less you spend usually affects the clarity of sound and how far apart they can be. This is a great toy for siblings to play with together!

Music: My kids LOVE music and as they get older they seem to love it even more. We play CDs for the kids as they fall asleep so they always like getting a new cd either for bedtime or for dance parties!

Illustrate your own books: These are great for your little artists. The books come with a theme and a story written on blank pages for them to illustrate themselves. They are also a great keepsake to look back on and see their drawings!



Older Kids

My oldest is 9 so I can only suggest what she is into but here are some ideas!

Camera: There are two great types of cameras for kids. One is a digital camera that is kid proof but they can see pictures after they take them and delete them if they don’t like them and they can even upload them to a computer. The other one is the “polaroid” type cameras. There are a few different brands that make them but in general, they are the same in that you have to buy the camera and then also buy film for the pictures to print on. The film is pretty expensive, around a dollar a print, so they need to be responsible enough to not waste them.


Books: I absolutely love that my daughter can read chapter books and now has a love for reading! Christmas is a great time to get them a series of books that will last them at least a few months! A few of our favorites have been Magic Treehouse, The Land of Stories and Harry Potter. Be sure to check out Bookmans you can get great deals on books!

New bedding: Sometimes practical things can still be fun presents. Get them some sheets with pictures of their favorite characters or animals. Or even a new bed set they will love transforming their rooms!


Pulling off a magical Christmas is not for the faint of heart but this is our Superbowl ladies, so make a game plan, utilize tools like Amazon Prime and forget your diet go ahead and stress eat your little heart out!