Brynne Daulton

Brynne Daulton
I have been married to my best friend Jim for 12 years this summer and we have 3 kiddos Ember 8, Sawyer 5, and Eliza almost 2. My husband was born and raised in Flagstaff and I have lived in Flagstaff almost my whole life. I love good food, reality tv, hiking, Jesus and great times with friends. I am a stay at home mom and my husband is a firefighter paramedic who is also at NAU full time!

Valentine’s Tradition With Your Kids

Valentine's Day is mostly geared towards couples but it's also a great time to build traditions with the whole family! I found this idea on Pinterest a few years ago and we have loved...

Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

Tis the season of loads of work for moms! We may not be able to have the same Christmas magic for ourselves as we did pre-kids, but it is pretty dang magical to watch...

Thankful Tree {DIY Idea}

We all know fall in Flagstaff is beautiful. It can also be a time of year where time starts to speed up and it can feel like the start of survival mode before the craziness...

Who Doesn’t Love a Parenting Meme?!

What is better after a long day of parenting than a good meme?! Here are 10 out of the millions I have pinned on Pinterest. We all were that person before kids listening to the kid lose...

My Experience with a Meal Delivery Service

If someone was to ask me if I would rather have a nanny, a chef or a maid I would pick chef all the way! I just don’t enjoy cooking. I did when I...

Meet the Contributor: Brynne Daulton

Hi Flagstaff Mamas! My name is Brynne Daulton and I have lived in Flagstaff for the past 22 years! I went to school here and met my amazing husband here. Family: My husband Jim is a...

Book List for Moms

Who here loves to read? Or maybe you used to love to read but in the chaos of long nights, diapers and Daniel Tiger you lost it? I am not a super avid reader....

Hey Mom, Are you ready for Kindergarten?

In eleven days I am sending my sweet baby boy off to kindergarten, but who is counting?! How do they expect us to grow a human inside our bodies and then a short 5-6 years...

A Letter to my Husband on Father’s Day

To my husband, Not only am I so thankful for you, I really understand what an important influence you have on our family.  Dads approach parenting completely different than moms do.  I think that children receive a...

10 Best Patio Restaurants in Flagstaff

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to eat out! As a mom of 3 small kids a lot of my eating out is dominated by Chick Fil A and Café Rio. Don't get me...