Are you on the Naughty List?


Have you ever heard of an escape room?

It is a mystery story come to life where you are the detective. You have 60 minutes to find and decipher clues and escape the room. This interactive experience requires you to complete puzzles and patterns, use math, and logic. 

Over the weekend, the boys and I checked out Flagstaff Escape Space. They currently have 4 themed escape rooms; Avalanche, Time Warp, The Missing Detective, and Sneaking on to the Nice List. Plan for 90 minutes to go over the rules, escape your room, and then debrief. This is a great way to build teamwork with co-workers, celebrate a birthday, or just hang out with friends without electronics.

The boys wanted to erase our names from the Naughty List. So we found the magic eraser and Sam wrote our names on the Nice List. We escaped Santa’s office with 9 minutes to spare.

I can’t get too specific because it will ruin the experience, but let’s just say it took some time (and extra clues) to figure our way through all the challenges. The adrenaline was pumping and we were all worried we would be caught. 

Make sure you visit their website to book your reservation. Most rooms take a maximum of 8 players. We had so much fun that the boys immediately wanted to do a second room. They have already asked to go back. 

Don’t tell but I might grab some friends for a girls’ night while they visit their grandparents.

I promise they had fun. 

 I also want to book a private room for my birthday. Who wants to join me in February?