Journaling. Do you do it?

I used to be a better documenter, on paper. I wish I could be that person that keeps a handwritten journal, full of memories, thoughts, and ideas. I’ve started a handful of journals, but that’s all I’ve done — start.

It wasn’t until we moved away for my husband’s job that I realized how important documenting these memories was. He would come home and tell me stories about his work, the people he met, how he changed their lives and how they changed his. He had good days. He had bad days. He had normal days. I told him, you need to write these things down

It wasn’t until the year after that he actually started doing it. Instead of writing things in a journal, he found an app called Day One. He would come home every night and dictate an entry. He’d reflect on the day, note anything interesting, and even write down the mundane things we did together. The app also allows you to include photos from that day, and other info like location, time, the weather, and step count (ha!).

Here’s a list of some other journaling apps you might find helpful. 

After a year went by, he would get notifications about this day last year, then two years ago, then three years ago and so on. I joined him in journaling using the app during my pregnancy, and it’s been so fun looking back and reflecting on these memories — especially now that we have a child. It’s a great way to document the every day, but also the moments that melt your heart, make you cry, and make you belly laugh.

Do you journal? Old school pen and paper, or do you use an app?