It often feels like making plans in advance is a recipe for disaster once you have babies. The big kid will wake up grumpy and teething, while the little one kept you up all night. So you debate canceling your plans, for another day of PJs, lukewarm coffee, and Netflix Cartoons. Then you remember you haven’t left the house in a few days, and you’re desperate to speak to another adult about anything, anything at all! If you don’t make it out today you risk awkwardly chatting up the delivery person that brings your Amazon Subscribe and Save order this afternoon. 

It’s now or never!

A quick meetup with mom friends can be a sanity saver when you’re in the trenches of raising young children. Meeting somewhere that serves coffee and yummy eats – that you don’t have to make? Even better! Local Juicery is as beautiful as it is delicious. And it’s really beautiful! Our kids love the smoothies and acai bowls. And we love their coffee selection – have you tried Bulletproof Coffee? They make an awesome cup! 

Time spent with friends is always time well spent. But when you’re responsible for little ones – it can often feel like your own social life and friendships can fall by the wayside. We do our best to make it a point to connect with our IRL mom friends face-to-face when time allows. One of the most powerful statements we’ve found in this season of Motherhood is, “you too? I thought I was the only one.” 

Moms by nature are multitaskers, and we love products that can pull double-duty. Case-and-point: The Baby Wipe. Perhaps the most hardworking item in our diaper bags. Baby gear that is pretty and functional – even better. And when meeting with fellow moms, talk can often turn to awesome new items in the world of baby stuff. The Mom Boss (pictured above) easily transitions from car-seat cover to infinity/nursing scarf. And the Teething Happens Pendant Necklace is pretty with or without your little teething sidekick on your hip. Find more beautiful, innovate and multifunctional products from Itzy Ritzy

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Special thanks to Local Juicery for welcoming us and our crew of kiddos into their store.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and find more information and their menu online here. 

Beautiful images courtesy of FMB Contributor and Photographer Tiffany Tcheng. Find her on Instagram and Online

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