If You Want to Make Progress Towards Your Goals, Try Visual Tracking


As a mother, you likely have a hundred and one things on your plate every day. Between caring for your kids, keeping up with the home and staying afloat at work, the list of responsibilities is a long one—which sometimes leaves your own personal goals and aspirations at the very bottom, unattended. 

In order to make your goals a reality, you need a system to work with that supports your journey. That’s why visual goal tracking is so handy—it provides a system that you can rely on to check in with yourself daily, weekly and monthly, and forces you to hold yourself accountable. 

Along with accountability and some much-needed structure, visual goal tracking also creates an encouraging source of momentum. When you have a visual reference of where you stand, what you’ve accomplished so far and what you have left to go, you have something tangible to keep you motivated as you reflect on your progress. 

Visual goal tracking also helps you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. It can be easy for us to overestimate our abilities or set larger than life goals that are overly challenging and leave us feeling defeated when we don’t reach them. When you visualize your goal progress and check in with yourself each day, it becomes easier to recognize where your strengths and weaknesses lie and if you need to adjust your goal to be more attainable. For example, if after a week you realize your goal is too intimidating, you can course correct by breaking it into smallergoals that you know you can achieve.

Ultimately, tracking your goals can become something you look forward to, and motivate you to carve out a little extra time for yourself and your own dreams. The more momentum you build, the more enjoyable it becomes to challenge yourself and slowly work towards becoming the best version of yourself. Whatever your goals are—and no matter how small!—breaking them down and committing to tracking them might be all you need to start making progress in the areas of life that are most important to you. 

To help you get started, these printable Wellness Wheels were designed by CreditRepair to help you track your progress and create consistency in whatever goals and habits you want to achieve. Making your dreams a reality doesn’t have to be intimidating—it’s all about starting small, showing up for yourself, and being willing to make your personal growth a priority. Plus, the more you tend to yourself and your own needs, the more you’ll be able to show up as your best self for the people you love most. Don’t wait to go after your goals—you are more capable than you might think!