Hot Grill Summer


Summer in Flagstaff means lots of outdoor time – and that goes for cooking and dining too. I was once intimidated by our backyard BBQ, but this summer I’m committed to mastering it. From tools to tips and recipes, I’m sharing what you need to know to become a BBQ Queen for a hot grill summer. 

Getting started

I use a propane grill we purchased at a home improvement store many years ago. Charcoal grills and open campfires work well; but for my backyard cooking, I like the convenience of a propane grill. Refilling the propane tank can be a pain but U-Haul is $3.65/gal and open on weekends and I recently used the propane exchange program at Home Depot with great success.

Steps for propane exchange:
  1. Bring a used tank if you have one
  2. At checkout tell the cashier you’d like to purchase a new tank
  3. Take your receipt with the purchase code to the kiosk outside
  4. Enter the code and wait for the system to process and open a locker
  5. Remove the new tank and place your used tank in the same locker, close door

Tools to have on hand

Here are a few items that will make grilling easy and efficient. I love the grilling basket for veggies and shrimp. The digital timer is a must, I cook proteins by sight, but also by time. The prep and serving trays are super helpful for transporting food to and from the grill.

  1. Grill Brush
  2. Rechargeable Lighter
  3. Grilling Basket 
  4. Grill Tool Kit
  5. BBQ Gloves 
  6. Digital Timer
  7. Prep and Serve Trays
  8. Skewers 

Times, Temps, and Cooking Instructions

These charts from are super helpful for learning the different times and temps for grilling. I included a few I find helpful for easy reference. Click to view and download.

Direct Grilling Meat

Direct Grilling Fish

Direct Grilling Vegetables

Recipes to Try

You can’t go wrong with burgers, brats, and hot dogs. Get creative and try grilling veggies, pizza, and even dessert!

Here are a few ideas for your next BBQ.

Get out there and grill

My biggest tip – just do it. See what’s on sale at the grocery store, find a recipe to try, and get grilling! It does take some practice and a bit of trial and error – but you’ll be a grilling queen in no time! Pros of backyard grilling: easier cleanup, you’ll keep the house cool with the stove and oven off, and you get to hang outside in the beautiful Flagstaff summer weather while you cook!

Are you a grill queen? What are your favorite tips for a hot grill summer?