Meet the Contributor: Heather Gearhart


Family: Married to my college sweetheart with two kids (one boy, one girl), ages 8 and 6. 

Job: I spent the last 17 years in the marketing/communications industry and lived life as a full-blown workaholic. I was always checking my phone, and would not travel anywhere without my laptop in case of a client emergency. But I’m in the midst of a shift.

I went behind the scenes in my job to be more present with my family and to focus on my passion for writing. I haven’t yet found my groove, so it’s hard to give myself a job title. Some days I’m still a PR professional. Some days I’m a SAHM. Some days I’m a full-time writer, blogger and budding author. We’ll see which one sticks. 

What brought you to Flagstaff: Three little letters, N-A-U. My parents went to college there too and I grew up dreaming of being a Lumberjack. I loved my four years in Flagstaff, but left with my then fiancee to begin our careers. After five years in Phoenix, his job brought us back. We’ve been here full-time since 2005. 

Early Bird or Night Owl: Early Bird! One of my greatest pleasures is watching the sun rise. You’ll see lots of amateur photography on my social feeds commenting on its glory – none of which adequately capture its beauty. 

Hobbies: Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind is sitting in the bathroom with the door locked. Haha! But when I stop and think about it: I’m a personal growth junkie, addicted to the works of Brene Brown. Writing. Really below average iPhone nature photography (but it’s fun to try). And mostly anything outdoors – except running. 

Favorite thing to do with your family: Cuddle. I love when I’m sandwiched between my two children, their tiny bodies curled up to mine, my husband’s arm wrapping around us all. Whether we’re watching a movie on the couch or I’m the first one up after everyone found their way into our bed, this moment fills my heart more than any other. In that moment I feel only gratitude and love. 

Kids Age Difference: A, my son, is 8-years-old and going into third grade. His younger sister C is 6 and will be a big-time first-grader next year! They’re officially 2.5 years apart. 

Coffee or Tea: COFFEE! Like…three giant or five regular cups of coffee every morning and maybe 1-2 more in the afternoon for a pick-me-up. I also adore tea, and will drink decaffeinated options in the evening depending on the day.

Least Favorite Household Chore: Dishes…I hate doing the dishes. My husband’s not that big a fan either and we will go through what I call a “Dishes Standoff” where neither of us will do them for days at a time. I wrote a blog about the phenomenon, you can read it here

Going back in time, one thing you would tell yourself before becoming a mother: You’re going to feel like a failure more days than not, but just keep trying. 

Something you are looking forward to: Finishing one of the three novels I’m working on. All too often, I allow myself to get distracted and will go weeks without working on them. 

Favorite thing to do in Flagstaff with/without kids: Without kids – I love to enjoy a good draft beer on a patio and soak in the beauty of Flagstaff. With kids – it’s all about being outdoors. In the summer, we’re hiking and at the pool. In the winter, I’m blazing sled runs in our neighborhood. 

Favorite thing about being a Mom: The unconditional love I feel from my children. They’re at an age right now where they love me wholeheartedly, believe I’m beautiful and want nothing more than to be with me. The love a child gives their parent is beyond description…so incredibly special and something I am grateful for every day. 

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