The Flagstaff Foodie Tour


Last Month, Flagstaff Moms Blog was invited to participate in the first ever Flagstaff Foodie Tour. When we learned about all the awesome local businesses participating in the tour we jumped at the opportunity! 3 days of amazing food in our beautiful hometown – sign us up! 

We shared the love, so three members of the FMB Team could attend the Flagstaff Foodie Tour. Daniella Murphy, Heather Pierce, and Jessie Luckey each share their experiences below and highlight the many wonderful local businesses visited.  

Daniella’s Experience: 

I started off the tour by checking into the newly remodeled Little America Hotel. I was giddy during the check-in process, looking forward to a night of kid-free peace and quiet. The staff at the front desk was warm and welcoming, directing me to my room and suggesting the nearest parking area so I could limit my walk and avoid the monsoon storm! 

Once I got to my room I dropped my bags and grabbed my camera to shoot a quick room tour. I was so impressed with all the little details throughout the space. I didn’t have the opportunity to stay at the hotel prior to the renovation, but I know there are mixed opinions on the new look. Personally, I love it. 

Check it out! 

Room Tour - Little America Hotel

Some of my favorite features were the double vanities in the bathroom, I love when hotels provide a vanity outside of the main bathroom. I’m also a major fan of the amenities bar in the room. A Keurig Coffee Maker, Microwave AND Mini Fridge all in one space. I wasn’t traveling with my kiddos, but these amenities are top of the list when I have the kids. The room decor was what I might call rustic-elegant. The live edge headboard and desk were so unique and beautiful. The elk pillow on the chair made me smile and that view looking out on the Ponderosa’s was breathtaking. 

I’ve spent most of my life driving past the Little America Hotel on my travels down Interstate 40. I was very familiar with the logo and signage of hotel long before we moved to Flagstaff. But I’ve always wondered – what’s the deal with the Penguin?! I had to ask! 

In the 1890’s when the founder of the Little America Hotel, S.M. Covey,  was a young man herding sheep in Wyoming, he became lost in a raging Northeast bilzzard and was forced to camp out on that long Janurary night in a terrible storm. He longed for a warm fire, something to eat, and a wool blanket. During that fateful night he thought it would have been a blessing had someone decided to build a shelter in the desolate spot. He surived that epic storm and dreamed of opening and operating a haven for weary travelers that included a crackling fire, warm bed, and delicious food. Later, in the 1930’s he saw a photo of Admiral Bryd’s “Little America” in Antarctica, an the image of his own isolation so many miles away from base camp. It immeditly reminded S.M. Covey of that dreadful Wyoming blizzard he endured years prior. He went on to establish the very first Little America Hotel in the exact location where he endured the Wyoming blizzard.

The penguin, named “Emporer,” was planned to be the live mascot of the new hotel – but sadly, he didn’t survive the trip from Antartica. To make the best of the loss they decided to display him, stuffed and mounted in the first hotel location where he still stands today. All other Little America properties around the United States provide some nod of acknowledgement to “Emporer” and the story of founder, S.M. Covey. 

Silver Pine Resturant and Bar

I’ve previously visited the Silver Pine Restaurant and Bar, but they’ve recently added a variety of new menu options at a more affordable price point. In the past, I’ve enjoyed the cocktails and Steakhouse entrees they serve, but this new menu is a refreshing change! I defaulted to my go-to cocktail The Arizona Mule. Fun fact, the copper mugs they serve in are made locally, by hand, from the American Mule Company. 

We enjoyed a wide selection of appetizers and bites during our cocktail hour at the Silver Pine Restaurant. Served were the Tempura Green Beans, a stunning Smoked Salmon Charcuterie Board, Mother Earth Salad (GF, V), Chopped Avocado Dip and Queso, Hummus and Pita, and Chicken Taquitos. 

A few notable changes and updates to the menu include all-day dining, Gluten-Free accommodations, new kid’s menu offerings, and their Legacy Dinner Menu served after 4pm for only $15. 

Root Public House

This was my first time visiting Root, and I can’t wait to return! The monsoon weather prevented us from dining on the roof, but that didn’t stop us from having a fantastic evening. We started off with a round of signature custom cocktails including the 101 South and a Tropic Like it’s Hot along with ‘The Board’ filled with pork belly confit, country pork pate, duck ham, peach-bourbon compote, Umbriacone, Tintern, Shafts Blue and accompaniments. It was delicious! 

We ordered a variety of entrees to sample including the Spring Pea Risotto, Shrimp and Grits, Seared Ahi, and the Southern Arizona Fried Hot Chicken. Finished off our meal with the Carrot Cake, Chocolate Pot de Creme, and Chocolate Hazelnut Torte. Every single bite was delicious and the presentation was stunning. The restaurant vibe was relaxed and enjoyable, even though the food looks and feels fancy I felt right at home. The atmosphere combied with the meal created a cozy feeling I really enjoyed. 

Root is open daily from 10am – close and they serve their brunch menu on the weekends from 9am – 2pm. Tuesday nights they host rooftop poetry! They also accept reservations! It can be rare to find date-night or brunch spots that take a reservation, so I love that option. 

Silver Pine Resturant Breakfast and Brunch

After a solid night’s sleep (yay for kid-free hotel rooms!) I made my way back to the Silver Pine Resturant for Breakfast. The Silver Pine serves Breakfast Monday – Saturday from 6:00am – 10:30am with the Breakfast Buffet operating from 6:00am – 11:00am. On Sundays, Breakfast is from 6:00am – 10:30am, Buffet 6:00am – 9:00am and the Enhanced Buffet 9:00am – 12:00pm. There’s a breakfast option for everyone! I sampled the Buffet because I’ve never met a Biscuit and Gravy I didn’t like, haha! The Buffet option includes drinks, eggs made any way you like them, and oatmeal. I also love the personal mini waffler maker – my boys would go crazy for that! 

The breakfast menu is filled with so many delicious options, I had a hard time choosing! At the recommendation of our server, I ordered the Avacado Egg Toast. It was fantastic! Breakfast on the patio was so refreshing, patio weather in Flagstaff is the best. On my walk back to my room I made a quick video to highlight some of the outdoor amenities on the property that families can enjoy. 

Check it out! 


For lunch, we visited a local favorite, Satchmo’s! This place is a true gem – from the patio to the staff to the jaw-dropping food I was completely blown away. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but now having visited, I’m sold on Satchmo’s. We enjoyed an awesome patio meal chatting with owner and operator, Jamie Thousand. It was fascinating to learn about the time and detail that goes into each of their menu items. People are passionate about their BBQ, and Jamie is no exception. His enthusiasm and true love of what he creates in the kitchen is evident in the way he talks about his restaurant and the items on his menu. 

I am telling you, TATER-TOTS. Seriously. Fantastic. And when they combine them into Tot-Chos – it’s just too good to be true. The Mac N’ Cheese is topped with, guess? Crumbled Tots! Other menu highlights included House Seasoned Chicarones, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Sweet Potato Fries, Red Beans & Rice, Cast-Iron Cornbread, Beef Brisket and RVM (a locally sourced vegan patty!) 

The beer selection and patio are topnotch, and I’m looking forward to returning with my family. Also, Satchmo’s does catering! Check them out. 

This was my last stop on the Flagstaff Foodie Tour! It was time to say goodbye to my fellow foodies and return to my normal mom life. Be sure to follow Lauren at Hungry in Phoenix and Cynthia Sassi of Fabulous Arizona for all things food and fun in Phoenix and beyond 🙂 

Heather’s Experience

On night two of the Flagstaff Foodie tour, we visited two very Flagstaff places. Two very different in what they offer, but both bringing that Northern AZ vibe we all know and love.

First, was a visit to the Canyon Diablo Spirits and Distillery. It’s locally owned and operated and found in an unassuming stretch of warehouse type buildings off Industrial Ave.  Their small but mighty distillery produces seven different types of spirits, including gin, bourbon, vodka, and whiskey.  I tasted the whiskey and I loved it. And I’m not a whiskey girl!

You can find their bottles on almost any Flagstaff’s bar shelf and across the state. In Phoenix, you can find the, what I like to refer to as “small bottles of Arizona history”, at Total Wine & More and other locations. And that might be the most endearing part of Canyon Diablo – the intention to infuse not just high quality tasting alcohol, but short history lessons, into their spirits. And to boot, some of their labels are designed by local tattoo artist and owner of Burley Fish Tattoo. Keeping it wayyyy local.

Next, we moved onto probably one of my most favorite establishments here in Flagstaff, FLG Terroir (pronounced “terr-war” for those of you who struggle). This is the same location as the Wine Loft, that if you’ve lived here long enough, you’ve been there too. Except FLG Terroir has stepped it up a whole bunch of notches. But not too many to make it feel out of place. It’s just enough fancy for Flagstaff and you can still wear flip-flops. Heck, I myself and others have even comfortably brought our infants in their car seats with us. So new moms, a glass of wine with a delectable dinner with your honey, IS possible.

The Owner, Fred Wojtkielewicz, put together a beautiful array of pairings to tantalize our palettes for a couple of hours. From the appetizers, all the way down to the desserts.  They’re one of the few places in town to get oysters. Again, I spread my wings a bit (like with the whiskey) and ate 4. I don’t ever eat oysters. These were tasty…and you know what they say about oysters ladies?

FLG Terroir rates up there as the perfect date night, or girls night out, or drinks after work, or really, any occasion. Not to mention, they were awarded one of the best wine lists in the world, according to Wine Spectator Magazine’s August 2018 issue. Fancy that!

Jessie’s Experience

If you’re familiar at all with Flagstaff, you probably know MartAnne’s. For those of us who’ve been here long enough you probably remember when they were located just around the corner from their current location, with about four or so tables and a line around the block. The restaurant keeps changing but the quality of their food stays a constant.

Aside from their great food, you get to avoid the pay parking, and eat among masterpieces by local artist Emma Gardner. In fact, the restaurant boasts their own tagline of, “The house chilaquiles built and Emma Gardner painted“. So it goes without saying that I enjoyed the Emmet, Martanne’s vegan chilaquiles. Watch out though parents and care-givers, there are no changing tables in these bathrooms, so plan accordingly.

Flagstaff Moms Blog had an amazing experience on the Flagstaff Foodie Tour! We loved visiting and highlighting a few of the fantastic local businesses in our community. Huge thanks to all of the participating brands for hosting us. We love Flagstaff! 

This post is in partnership with the brands mentioned. All opinions are our own.