Melissa Mark

Melissa Mark
Melissa Mark and her husband Tyler are both Phoenix natives who moved to Flagstaff in 2008. With her Master's degree in Community Counseling, she worked as a therapist in Wickenburg, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff, mostly specializing in eating disorders. They have two boys, Nolan (8) and Landon (6), who keep them equally busy and entertained. Melissa is fascinated by people and loves to learn about different personalities, backgrounds and interests. This could explain her obsession with reality TV (mostly on Bravo), good novels, and talking with friends over a glass of wine. Melissa writes about juggling motherhood, family life, wellness, humor, pop culture, and more on her personal blog:

Spring Break Goals

I look forward to Spring Break every year. Why wouldn't I? Spring is here! Spring symbolizes wonderful things such as new beginnings, a fresh start, and warmer weather. I feel a thawing in my...

Eco- and Budget-Friendly Cleaning Tips

When I was pregnant with my firstborn, cleaning with more natural products became a priority for me. I began noticing the toxicity of common household products. The bathroom cleaner I'd used for years made...

My Relationship is Not A Romantic Comedy

I've soaked up the Hollywood version of relationships throughout my entire life. Thus, my idea of romance and courtship comes from a combination of 80's and 90's rom-coms, General Hospital, and Beverly Hills 90210....
winter blues

Feeling the Winter Blues? You’re Not Alone.

The onset of winter brings on a mixed bag of physical and emotional states: joy and stress, illness and elation, busyness and depression. Namely, it can trigger many cases of "Winter Blues." It's important to...

Four Natural Germbusters For a Healthy Fall

About two weeks into the new school season, I felt it. The ick. My head starting aching and my throat felt scratchy. I felt a uncomfortable pressure settling into my ears. As a mom...

5 Fast and Healthy Meals for Busy Families

Schools are back in session! And back-to-school means BUSY. Getting up early, after-school sports, clubs, activities...even just the daily hustle and all takes up time and may require a chauffeur for kids under the...

Top 5 Beauty Products for Busy Moms

I've been interested (ok, obsessed) with makeup and beauty products from a very young age. It started with an intense need to cover my freckles at the ripe old age of 8. Then there...

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

I had the same old argument with my husband the other night. Honestly, it's not even an argument. It's a communication issue. It appears that we are saying the same things, but not hearing each...

I Gave Up My ‘Mom Vices’ and Here’s What Happened

Mom Vices. Most of us at least have one, right? You know, those little things we look forward to in order to get us through stressful times, or as a reward at the end...

When Reality Hits Home

“Be kind and treat others how you want to be treated,” was the refrain I was raised with. “We don’t even see color,” my generation professed, and I thought that was enough. We’re all...

How to Give Yourself a Wonderful Mother’s Day

If you're like me, sometimes it feels as though everyone else's needs in the family come first. It's the reality of parenthood. Obviously, children need us to attend to their wants, needs, and to...

Local Guide: Free and Low-Cost Summer Activities For Kids

Summer is beautiful in Flagstaff. Above all, I love being able to hang out with my kiddos and enjoy everything our little mountain town has to offer. However, between summer sports, vacation, and various...

Have You Heard About The Enneagram?

Have you heard about the Enneagram? Simply put, the Enneagram is a system of nine interconnected personality types. They are graphically represented as lines and triangles that intersect in a star-like figure inside a circle.   The...