Four Natural Germbusters For a Healthy Fall


About two weeks into the new school season, I felt it. The ick. My head starting aching and my throat felt scratchy. I felt a uncomfortable pressure settling into my ears. As a mom of two boys in elementary school (who also works in one), the approaching Fall germs are difficult to avoid.

Here are some natural ways to fight them:

  1. Oil of Oregano – This stuff is a powerful natural antibiotic. I used to buy the liquid form, mix a few drops in water or tea, and gag it down. It burns and tastes absolutely awful, but it is effective.  Now I buy the capsules, which makes swallowing it so much easier. However, I didn’t throw away the liquid version just yet. A friend gave me this handy tip to fight off germs: Dab the oregano oil on the bottoms of your feet and cover with socks before bedtime. This is a very strong oil, so be sure to dilute with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) before making contact with skin. In my experience, combining the OOO with a good night’s sleep has worked wonders to stop a cold before it fully manifests. You can find Oil of Oregano capsules and liquid at Sprouts and Natural Grocers. (Not recommended for children.)
  2. Elderberry Syrup – By now, most people have heard of the preventative power of elderberry. It is widely available in health food and grocery stores to buy pre-made. You can also buy an Elderberry Throat Spray if that is preferred. Here’s one we’ve used in the past. However, since it is so simple (and I think more effective) I prefer to make my own. Here’s my go-to recipe.  I give my kids a teaspoon a day to help strengthen their immune systems in the Fall/Winter months.
  3. Probiotics – A healthy gut = a healthy body, right? I’ve definitely seen the difference that a regular probiotic makes in the overall wellbeing of my children. We give the boys these daily before and after school. For dessert, they drink flavored Kefir, which is a probiotic yogurt drink that tastes fantastic and is a healthy treat. This is our favorite brand.
  4. Immune Boosting Multivitamin – In the Fall/Winter months, I’ve been switching my regular multivitamin to this one: Source Naturals Wellness Formula.  My immune system was stronger last year than ever, therefore, I can’t help but believe in the power of these vitamins. I’ve also purchased the Herbal Resistance Liquid to help soothe a sore throat and add it to my tea when I feel rundown and more vulnerable to germs.

With these germ-fighting weapons in your arsenal, go out and enjoy this beautiful season. Happy Healthy Fall!