Four Natural Germbusters For a Healthy Fall


About two weeks into the new school season, I felt it. The ick. My head starting aching and my throat felt scratchy. I felt a uncomfortable pressure settling into my ears. As a mom of two boys in elementary school (who also works in one), the approaching Fall germs are difficult to avoid.

Here are some natural ways to fight them:

  1. Oil of Oregano – This stuff is a powerful natural antibiotic. I used to buy the liquid form, mix a few drops in water or tea, and gag it down. It burns and tastes absolutely awful, but it is effective.  Now I buy the capsules, which makes swallowing it so much easier. However, I didn’t throw away the liquid version just yet. A friend gave me this handy tip to fight off germs: Dab the oregano oil on the bottoms of your feet and cover with socks before bedtime. This is a very strong oil, so be sure to dilute with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) before making contact with skin. In my experience, combining the OOO with a good night’s sleep has worked wonders to stop a cold before it fully manifests. You can find Oil of Oregano capsules and liquid at Sprouts and Natural Grocers. (Not recommended for children)
  2. Elderberry Syrup – By now, most people have heard of the preventative power of elderberry. It is widely available in health food and grocery stores to buy pre-made. You can also buy an Elderberry Throat Spray if that is preferred. Here’s one we’ve used in the past. However, since it is so simple (and I think more effective) I prefer to make my own. Here’s my go-to recipe.  I give my kids a teaspoon a day to help strengthen their immune systems in the Fall/Winter months.
  3. Probiotics – A healthy gut = a healthy body, right? I’ve definitely seen the difference that a regular probiotic makes in the overall wellbeing of my children. We give the boys these daily before and after school. For dessert, they drink flavored Kefir, which is a probiotic yogurt drink that tastes fantastic and is a healthy treat. This is our favorite brand.
  4. Immune Boosting Multivitamin – In the Fall/Winter months, I’ve been switching my regular multivitamin to this one: Source Naturals Wellness Formula.  My immune system was stronger last year than ever, therefore, I can’t help but believe in the power of these vitamins. I’ve also purchased the Herbal Resistance Liquid to help soothe a sore throat and add it to my tea when I feel rundown and more vulnerable to germs.

With these germ-fighting weapons in your arsenal, go out and enjoy this beautiful season. Happy Healthy Fall!

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Melissa Mark and her husband Tyler are both Phoenix natives who moved to Flagstaff in 2008. With her Master's degree in Community Counseling, she worked as a therapist in Wickenburg, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff, mostly specializing in eating disorders. They have two boys, Nolan (8) and Landon (6), who keep them equally busy and entertained. Melissa is fascinated by people and loves to learn about different personalities, backgrounds and interests. This could explain her obsession with reality TV (mostly on Bravo), good novels, and talking with friends over a glass of wine. Melissa writes about juggling motherhood, family life, wellness, humor, pop culture, and more on her personal blog: