How to Give Yourself a Wonderful Mother’s Day


If you’re like me, sometimes it feels as though everyone else’s needs in the family come first. It’s the reality of parenthood. Obviously, children need us to attend to their wants, needs, and to keep them alive and thriving. In this way, motherhood can leave us feeling both rewarded and wearied at the same time.

Sometimes we need a day to remind us to be kind to ourselves and to recognize that we are indeed humans with wants, needs, and feelings, too. Therefore, on this Mother’s Day, do yourself a favor and give yourself all the gifts. They don’t have to be monetary. Or they can be. You do you, Mama.

Need some ideas? 

How To Give Yourself a Wonderful Mother’s Day:

  1. Affirmations: Some days we need an encouraging voice to replace the critical one.  This list offers affirmations that are specific to motherhood. Pick one or two and start your day off in the positive glow of self love.
  2. Take a Hike: In the throes of motherhood, peace and quiet can be a rare and prized commodity. Immerse yourself in nature for a solo hike; let the quiet envelop and recharge you.
  3. Take Yourself Out on a Date: Maybe there’s a movie you’ve been dying to see, and the wicked buttery goodness of movie theater popcorn is calling your name (as it does mine). Perhaps you’d like to sit and have a cup of coffee or tea in a café and people-watch. Sitting in the library and reading a book all by yourself without your kiddos running amok in the play area counts, too. 
  4. Treat Yourself: Set up a spa in your bathroom by lighting candles and indulging in a bubble bath with a soothing face mask. Get a mani/pedi. Deep-condition your hair. Get yourself some ice cream. Have a glass of good wine. Whatever it is that you consider to be a luxurious treat, make it happen. You deserve it. 
  5. Honor Your Mental Health: Take time to think carefully about how you are doing, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Do you crave more family time? Do you need to acquire coping skills? More time to exercise? Be honest with yourself in making your well-being a priority. This gift guide has some great ideas to serve this purpose for yourself and others. 
  6. Ask For What You Want and Need: This is probably the most important gift to give yourself, in my opinion. Our partners and children aren’t mind-readers, unfortunately. If there’s something that you have been longing to do, or get, or see…make it known! Sometimes we need a reminder that we are important and have wants and needs as well. If Mother’s Day can serve that purpose for you, honor that! And honor yourself.