Heather Pierce

Born and raised in NJ, Heather left with fire on her heels to attend ASU in Tempe, AZ in 1995, where she obtained a degree in art history, while minoring in both anthropology and French. While at ASU she met her husband Jake and began their loud, crazy, fun filled life together. She’s a full time corporate marketing consultant, freelance writer, is on the board for and chairs the fundraising and marketing committee for Flagstaff Arts & Leadership ACademy, and most importantly, a very hands on and fun mom to two wild boys Zane, age 9, and Van, age 4. They’ve made Flagstaff their forever home since 2010 and Is actively involved in our mountain community, lives for live music, good food and wine, reading books about real life people, and a lover of the outdoors.

The Sometimes Heartbreaking Act of Making a Baby

I’ll never forget when we, as a married couple of five years at the time, decided, okay we’re ready. We’re ready to have a go at making a baby. It wasn’t an easy decision....
time away

The Gift of Time Away From the Kids

Yes, I said it. Spending time away from your kids is a gift. I recently experienced my latest gift in the form of a vacation to New Orleans with my husband, Jake, of nearly...

Trending: A Return to The 3gen Household

I never thought I'd be living with my mother again, but at age 37, it happened. And I'm pretty sure my husband NEVER planned on living with his mother-in-law. But hey, it happened. And surprise!...

Slaying Mountains and Finding Camaraderie

Sometimes you find camaraderie, high fives and encouragement from complete strangers in the most unexpected places. Or at least when you hadn't really thought about that kind of support coming at you. For me,...
bed times

Bed Times: What’s Best for Your Family

Recently I read I very colorful article on mommy blog site about bed times for kids. I thought to myself, where do I fall on this spectrum of early or later bed times for...

Outdoor focused family vacation in Vegas – say what?

Yes, you can do this, moms and dads. Vegas isn't all about high rollers, dancing at the clubs, partying in the pools, eating all the food, walking the strip, and hitting the sky-high rides...

The overwhelm of working, parenting and at home learning

We can do this virtual remote learning, right? I'm talking to you working moms of young kids. RIGHT?! I'm still trying to figure it all out and not lose my mind over everything and still...

Soccer Momming It Like a Boss

What I never expected was becoming a legit "soccer mom" mom. And what I mean by that is the mom who 100% commits to supporting their kid in playing on a competitive travel soccer...

I’m not crying. You’re crying. No really, I’m not.

Call me insensitive, call me unsentimental, call me crazy, but the morning I walked away from dropping off my youngest starting Kindergarten, I did cartwheels the whole way home, up a 2 mile hill,...

Surviving Competitive Soccer: One Experts Advice

My 10-year-old son Zane (and what I mean is, we the family) wrapped up our 4th year of competitive soccer. That also means we're on a travel team. Because of where we live (not...

The New Flag Tag AZ and Why You Need to Visit

  Flag Tag AZ did not disappoint. In fact, it impressed the adults and the kids with the existing and new fun for us to enjoy. The group included myself (Heather), my oldest son and...

Free-Range Parenting, It’s a Lifestyle

When it comes to parenting, I’m pretty middle of the road in terms of my style and approach. But one pretty big aspect of all this is employing free-range parenting. For anyone who doesn’t...

Not a myth: 2018 is The Year of the Woman

We are women and hear us roar! In the midterm elections recently, the world heard us roar for sure. So many firsts for women in politics this year. And it’s pretty darn exciting. There’s...