Surviving Competitive Soccer: One Experts Advice


My 10-year-old son Zane (and what I mean is, we the family) wrapped up our 4th year of competitive soccer. That also means we’re on a travel team. Because of where we live (not in a metropolitan city), this means we’re gone out of town for weekend-long tournaments approximately 5 times during our 8 month season, plus regular league games, also typically out of town anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours away. 

Are you tired yet?

I am, just from reading this. 

I wonder, how the heck we do this weekend after weekend after weekend, and not to mention two practices per week. It’s a lot of chaos, a lot of driving, a lot of early mornings and late nights. And quick meals and snacks on the go. Because I’m not just feeding Zane’s 5-year-old bro, I’m feeding all the other kiddos too. We’re a soccer family after all.

But the memories though

But boy oh boy, the memories and the sights and the sounds and the camaraderie we all experience out there on the field and on the sidelines and in the car or the hotel or wherever your travels take you. And you just can’t beat a painted sunset in the desert. Just as the sun goes down and field lights start to turn on. And then the whistle blows. Game on. And snack on. Because it’s 6pm and we’re hungry.

Snacks snack snacks. I love snacks.

That’s where Post Cereals® can help out. Did you know Post Cereals is the official cereal of Major League Soccer? Well, now you know. And I can say confidently that there is A LOT of cereal consumed both in my house, in the car on the road to soccer games and practices, and while sitting on the sidelines. Their cereals are great snacks to throw in the bottomless pit of a snack bag I keep with me on all trips. I’m like a grocery store. What you want? I’ve got it. Honey Bunches of Oats®? Yep. Pebbles ™? Got it. And my kids favorite, Cocoa Pebbles ™, however only to be consumed with a bowl of milk sitting in front of their favorite YouTuber. I ate this cereal as a kid too in the 80s. My life has come full circle. We’ve got a winner here.

And here 🙂

Speaking of grocery stores and winning, in June, you’ll start seeing Major League Soccer (MLS) cereal boxes at grocery stores across the country, featuring collectible Topps® MLS player trading card cut-outs. 

And not to mention, check out this slew of easy and tasty recipes from Post Cereals so you can bring some pre-made snacks and treats, on the go. Because that’s what we’re doing…going!!! Somewhere. And Post Cereals has helped us along the way.

Up your game

Getting through a long and sometimes difficult soccer season will take a toll on anyone. The players and families alike. But check out this AWESOME Soccer Mom Survival Kit. We’re going to do a big reveal the week of June 24th on FB Live. Thanks to Post Cereals, two very lucky mamas are going to get their hands on one of these. I have to say, I’ve been doing this soccer thing for a while and this kit is pretty killer. You’ll want to win it. So look for details on that here soon!

Ok, soccer moms, you know what to do! I salute you! Let’s show soccer season what we’re made of.

This post was created in partnership with Post Cereals®. All opinions are our own.
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Heather Pierce
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