Bed Times: What’s Best for Your Family


Recently I read I very colorful article on mommy blog site about bed times for kids. I thought to myself, where do I fall on this spectrum of early or later bed times for my kids. Do other parents think I’m crazy? Am I absolutely shocked and simultaneously envious of those families who have crazy early bed times for their kids? I mean, really, do you know one single mom who doesn’t want or need more alone time? Raising hand, right here! Me, Me, Me!

Same, different or off the charts bedtime habits

It got me thinking, and inspired, to find out if whether our bed time habits are similar to others, different, totally off the charts- there are a ton of bed time charts out there on the internet people. It’s kind of crazy. We are so obsessed with sleep and our kids. But at the end of the day, or more like the beginning, good sleep with our kiddos can seriously hamper or greatly improve your day and theirs too. So of course, we did a poll. I did some other research as well, and it wasn’t surprising.

But before I get to those not-so-surprising results, picture this vs. this.





We can agree on one thing: Sleep matters

If there’s one singular thing we can agree on as moms, we prefer our kids to be happy and well rested one way or another! So does the actual specific bed time really matter? No, I don’t think so. Within reason, of course, because eventually kids do need to be on some sort of realistic schedule so better to start incorporating that into your life even when they’re toddlers.

The amount of hours of sleep our kids get matters ultimately. As adults, the same rule applies. I know I’m cranky when I don’t get enough sleep. That said, some of these bed time charts I mentioned are entirely unrealistic for many families, mine included.  Here’s one. But I also included a recommended hours of sleep by age range chart too. Now, that’s something I can get behind.

If you and your partner work a full time job outside of the home, your evening might not start until 6pm. What if you’re a single parent? What if you’re a single parent with a work day outside the regular 8-5 hours? Even more unrealistic. That is unless you’re okay with not seeing your kids all week. Pretty sure you’re not. And for full transparency, we are not Team Early to Bed at my house. It’s impossible.

The big reveal

So that poll and research I conducted, revealed absolutely nothing ground breaking. I know, you’re mind blown. Okay, get yourself together now. It turns out… drum roll please… every family is different and has different bed times that work for them, their work schedules, their kids sports or other extra-curricular activities. Those of us on different ends of those bed time spectrums are flabbergasted with one another…how do you…how does that work…what???

Just like everything else in life, if you don’t do things one way, and you do things your way, different than someone else, and it works, keep it up. I love that now kind of overused saying “you do you.” But really, you do you. Respect one another for our individual choices that keep our families functional and happy. And don’t forget to get some rest mom. And more me time, you know, whenever that unicorn presents itself.

PS – Let me know what magic you use to make that happen.


  1. My twin boys are 9 and they are usually in bed and asleep by 9 pm. Since school is ending, summer bedtimes will be closer to 10.

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