FREE Things To Do in Downtown Flagstaff With Kids


There is a lot to appreciate about living in Flagstaff: the beautiful scenery, the abundance of outdoor activities, and my belief that it’s a great place to raise a family, to name a few. I especially love the fact that there are always kid-friendly things to do around town…but how many of them are free?

My kids and I set off one afternoon to find out. Although we’ve lived in Flagstaff for years, I’m always learning something new about our cool mountain town.

The Flagstaff Visitor Center is located in the historic downtown train station on Route 66.

Flagstaff Visitor Center: We started our afternoon here, as they provide visitors with a variety of free guides, maps, and brochures. They also give out directions, restaurant suggestions, and recommendations for local activities. Not to mention, you can watch the trains go by, up close and personal.

We asked for some ideas of free things to do downtown for the kiddos and they provided us with a few suggestions. (See below). Next, they handed my sons a brochure of Flagstaff’s Haunted Places. Now, I’d heard about the Monte Vista Hotel being haunted, but I had no idea that there were so many other local places on the list!  The boys were excited to check out some of the ghostly ones, so we decided to walk downtown to check some of them out. We treated it like a haunted treasure hunt of sorts and had a blast exploring downtown. For more information on the visitor center and more, go HERE.

Who knew the library was on the list of haunted places?!

Flagstaff Public Library: The downtown branch is the main hub of free activities for kids. The boys have loved coming here since they were tiny. Not only do they have year-round storytimes for toddlers and preschoolers, but they also provide baby lap time storytimes for ages 0-2. In addition, they host a Pajama Fun Storytime for children of all ages to enjoy stories and songs in their PJs once a week.

You can visit their website for a detailed list of free storytimes and seasonal activities. 

The new book return is a hit with my boys. They can place the books on the moving belt and watch them travel upwards to get sorted.
Library computers offer fun and educational games for kids of all ages
Kids can read, do puzzles, or cook in the play kitchen in the children’s area.

Wheeler Park: Right outside the library is a well-shaded park with lots of green grass and trees, perfect for burning off any extra energy before getting in the car. 

Old Town Shops: Did you know that we have a Koi pond in Downtown Flagstaff? Neither did I! We headed to the Old Town Shops on the corner of Birch and Leroux to check it out. The Koi pond is located downstairs in the Basement Marketplace (next to Bigfoot BBQ). My kids marveled at the large colorful Koi swimming around, and the ladies working in the Basement Marketplace were kind enough to give the boys fish food to feed them. Check out everything they have to offer HERE

The Koi Pond inside Basement Marketplace.
The Old Town Shops provide some great entertainment.
Rainbow Lollipops = Big Smiles

We enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon exploring Downtown Flagstaff, and it was made even better by all of the free things that are available for kids. We celebrated the end of the day with a visit to Flagstaff Chocolate Company (also located inside the Old Town Shops). The rainbow swirl lollipops my boys coveted were not free, but at only $1 apiece, they put a perfect cap on a wonderful day in Downtown Flagstaff. 


What are your favorite freeactivitiess for kids in Downtown Flagstaff?