Mentally Preparing for Another Baby


In my wildest fantasy, DCS calls me in the middle of the night (because even though it is a fantasy, I’m still realistic) to ask my husband and I to come get a baby that has been given up. We rush to the hospital and hold a perfect newborn – who latches without a problem because this fantasy is for the immediate future and I’m currently nursing. As the baby has no parental rights holding them back we are allowed to name them and take them home. We are given a quick birth certificate and all parental rights immediately without any court appearances.

That’s my current fantasy. Hassle-free baby. No pregnancy.

Aside from my solvable fertility issues, I had a fairly mild and straightforward pregnancy. Which means nothing because unless you’re a magical unicorn mom pregnancy sucks. It SUCKS. Why does any woman do this?

I didn’t need to have my head in a toilet everyday to feel sick, I just was. I didn’t need to carry around a ridiculous amount of weight for my back to hurt every. single. day. In fact, I hadn’t even gained any weight when my back decided it was done working after little to no activity. I also got dizzy – that’s a super common pregnancy symptom that we never really hear about. Brownies were disgusting. BROWNIES! Literally the most perfect food God has every given us.

This picture was probably taken before I cried about salmon but after I spent the day on a heating pad.

Now I’m to the point where it seems every time I look at my daughter I just want to have another baby. Damn you biology! Every time I meet with a friend with more than one child I think, “how did her husband trick her into getting pregnant after the first time?”

I don’t want the pregnancy, I just want the baby. I’ll gladly take any you hand me. Anyone?


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