What to do with the Kids During the Fall + Winter in Flagstaff


So it’s finally Fall here in Flagstaff which means we can pull out our UGG boots and mama bear sweatshirts while sitting around drinking pumpkin spice lattes as we watch the kiddos run around and have fun. Sounds good, right? But where you are probably asking yourself? This has been my dilemma since having little ones. Sure, the parks are a great place to start, but some days it is way too cold or snowy to attempt to play outside and we need inside options. I’ve listed a few below that I found to be tried and true.

The Flagstaff Mall Children’s Play Area – Our quaint Flagstaff Mall might not be super flashy (who’s actually shopping with small children in tow anyway?), but it will do in a pinch when you need to get your kids out of the house on a cold day. I usually start by letting my kids play in the play area then have them walk down to the other end of the mall to the food court for a bite to eat. Having their little legs walk from one end of the mall to the other usually does a good job at tiring them out. The mall is located at 4650 US-89, Flagstaff.

The Harkin’s Movie Theater – Next to the Flagstaff Mall is the newly built Harkins Theatres Flagstaff 16. My kids are not quite old enough to enjoy going to the movies yet, but when they are, you’ll probably be able to find me here whenever the latest Disney or Pixar movie is released. The movie theater is located at 4751 Marketplace Drive, Flagstaff. They also offer weekly summer movie specials for young children.

Open Gym Play – There are a couple of gymnastics places in town, Summit Gymnastics Academy and Flagstaff Gymnastics. Both let your kids run wild a few hours a week for a pretty fair price. The kiddos can swing from bars, tumble on mats, and jump into foam pits. It is typically for children five and under and offered on weekday mornings. Call ahead for times, dates, and prices as they tend to change with the season. Summit Gymnastics is located at 1926 N. 4th Street and Flagstaff Gymnastics is located at 2366 N. Steves Boulevard, both in Flagstaff.

Aquaplex – The Aquaplex is described as a ‘multi-generational recreation center’. You can purchase a monthly or yearly membership, but day passes are also available for locals and visitors. There is an indoor heated pool with a toddler area, a fitness area, fitness classes, a climbing wall and a drop in childcare center. In the pool area, recreation swim and parent-tot playtimes are offered, both great options for the winter months. The Aquaplex is located at 1702 N. 4th Street in Flagstaff.

I hope this list helps some new mommies in town who are in need of indoor; cold weather activities for their little ones. But this is definitely not a complete list. Let us know where you take your kids when the weather turns cold!