11 Things That Don’t Suck About Being Pregnant During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Currently, I am sitting in my home office, halfway through my third pregnancy. There was foresight and decision making that when into choosing to become pregnant during a pandemic (no, we aren’t just another pandemic pregnancy!) but some amazing words from a friend/birth worker put us at ease and we went ahead with growing our family. While things are unknown and crazy (I currently am not sure where I’ll be allowed to deliver) there have been some really amazing things about being pregnant during a pandemic.

1. It’s quick

I  have never felt a pregnancy go by so quickly. Remember how April took forever but suddenly it’s the end of the year? It somehow has been that way with this pregnancy. Suddenly I am very big and need to start making plans.

2. Maternity pants are optional

Maternity pants, or any pants, are optional. I have three good pairs of maternity pants, but am I going to waste my time in jeans right now? No. Currently, I’m wearing elephant pants. If I run out of tops that fit, no one in my house cares about my underbelly being out.

3. Total Privacy

I have four bump buddies that are not currently public with their pregnancies- each one informed me via text. At this point, I think they should all just stay that way and show up with a baby in April (because I think it would be hilarious). Since no one is going anywhere we only know what social media tells us.

4. Naps

Due to the pandemic, I had to quit my job back in May. Finances aside, the huge upside to this is that I can nap whenever I need to. I’ve always worked through pregnancy and early childhood and not working is AMAZING. I normally also have incredible back pain which hasn’t been as much a problem this time (probably due to all the laying around I can do)

5. Curb Side

Curbside pick up and porch delivery is everything right now. Sometimes it can be a pain, but not having to get out of the car, with two kids and a beached whale really makes it worth it. Same with contactless pick up for second-hand baby items. I’m not too much of an introvert, but even I appreciate not having to interact with people sometimes.

6. Comfort Eating

I started this pandemic making and eating whatever I want and I have continued this trend. My girlfriend’s three year old had a cookie cake for her birthday (via social media) and I decided I needed one likewise. It’s fine, everyone has gained weight these last few months.

7. Lack of appointments

I’m not actually sure if this is a pro or con. On one hand, I love my midwives and I think it’s completely bonkers that I’ve only seen them twice this whole pregnancy. On the other, if they aren’t worried, I shouldn’t be either. I have other things to do, cookies to eat, and naps to take.

8. Flexible appointments

On top of not having that much to go to, I’m super flexible about when I can go to things because of that whole no work thing. The only downside is that I can’t take my kids to any of these appointments so that part is a juggle.

9. Reliable partner

My husband has been working from home full time or part-time since March. There is nothing like having another adult around when I can no longer function.

10. Time

Time is on my side here. I have nothing but time to get everything I need and to prepare our house and family for its new addition. Nesting started early and so did birth talk with our kids. We spent most of the first half watching Call the Midwife with the kids and I think they grasp the concept, as well as they, are able.

11. Everyone is in the same limbo

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? Probably the same thing I’m doing. How about this weekend? Oh, same. If I’m feeling up for it, maybe we’ll go on a hike. I might do a craft or read a book. In the evening my husband and I might watch as much Grey’s Anatomy as we can stand. I’m not missing out on anything over here and aside from the lack of alcohol or my constant need to pee, it won’t look any different from anyone else until baby girl is ready to come on out. It might sound silly, but it’s a huge comfort.