My Best of Book List for 2020


Earlier this year I thought I would grace you all with my booklist for the year, but then the pandemic hit and I read nearly twice as many books as I did the year before (about 42). I won’t give you a whole list but I thought a nice best of would give you some direction if you’re looking for something new!

Best reread:

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Why yes, I comfort re-read Outlander, and I watched several episodes of the show (wedding episode can get it). I read it toward the beginning of the pandemic and have already considered reading it again. If you’ve never given yourself the pleasure, I highly suggest it. I do not suggest reading any of the other books in the series!

Best nonfiction:

The Last Boat Out of Shanghai by Helen Zia

I read a surprising amount of non-fiction this year, but this harrowing biography of Chinese citizens escaping the country on the verge of communism is fantastic (if you’re really into Chinese history, which I am).

Funniest Book:

Stiff by Mary Roach

This is a book all about what happens to dead bodies. Somehow it is both hilarious and completely respectful to its subject matter.

Best Guilty Pleasure:

Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer

I’m zero percent embarrassed that I read this book. I enjoyed every teen drama filled moment of Edward monologue-ing about killing his future wife. Could it have been 300 pages less? Absolutely. But it was so so good/bad.

Best sequel:

The Testements by Margaret Atwood

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel and to be honest, I think I liked it better than The Handmaid’s Tale *hides from crowd*

Best memoir:

When Life Gives You Pears by Jeannie Gaffigan

Sorry Michelle Obama. I generally don’t go out of my way to read sad books or cancer books or even inspirational story books but I am all about this memoir. Jeannie survived brain cancer and has 5 kids. This book was also hilarious because she is hilarious.

Best book of the year:

The Grace Year by Kim Liggett

I can’t speak enough about how much I enjoyed this book. I blindly checked it out, read it in a day and then told everyone to read it. You should read it.

What’s your top book list?