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“You don’t have to have this enormous amount of training… you just need to love the kids.” 

Toni is a Prenda guide in Arizona and has been one for a few years now. She explains the motivation behind becoming a Prenda guide, how rewarding an experience it is, and her role in helping her microschool.

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But what is a Prenda guide precisely?

At Prenda, Guides are learning coaches who can change lives while working with small groups of K-8 children. Prenda provides the educational model, comprehensive onboarding, and support while the Guides create a safe, healthy, and engaging environment for their students.

Prenda helps parents and teachers operate world-class microschools. Prenda partners with regulated, state-credentialed educational institutions to engage small groups of five to ten students in mastery-focused, project-based learning, often in a neighborhood home or community center.

These microschools are led by a Guide. Guides are not required to be certified teachers. They can be caring parents or other dedicated individuals who want to bring positive change to their community and family. Most often, Guides have valuable experience working with children and are deeply invested in their communities. 

These are simply people — just like you — who want to empower their community. As a guide, you are helping students find their way, you are lifting them when they stumble, and you are celebrating their achievements. Every Guide is carefully screened and trained for the education and safety of the learners in their care. Prenda offers competitive pay and flexibility in order to ensure that Prenda has the best Guides providing the best possible educational experience for our students.

We would love for you to join us and help change the lives of children within your community!

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