Poll: Flagstaff Moms’ Favorite Podcasts


We asked local moms to tell us about the podcasts they listen to every week and this is what they said:

3. My Favorite Murder

My favorite new mom stereotype is that moms are into murder shows AND I AM HERE FOR IT. My Favorite Murder is a show where co-hosts tell each other about different murders, it’s as simple as that and has been airing for the last five years.


2. This American Life

This American Life was a podcast before podcasts even existed, beginning its origins and continuing on NPR. Hosted by Ira Glass, This American Life picks a weekly theme and then gives you totally random but completely engrossing stories surrounding that theme. The show has been on since 1995 so you’ll never run out. One of my personal favorites is episode 489: No Coincidence, No Story

1. Crime Junkies

No disrespect to This American Life being sandwiched by two crime podcasts, but these were our local results! Crime Junkies is hosted by lifelong BFFs, dog-mom Ashley Flowers, and adoptive mom Britt. I have been listening to this podcast for years and it is one that I do not let myself fall behind on.

What are your favorite podcasts?