What Now? [ I Quit My Job ]


No one I talked to blamed me or questioned what I was doing. When I told them that I was quitting teaching they all just nodded or said they understood. A few told me, “If I was 10 years younger”.

I had been working with children for over 10 years. 6 of those years were in a proper classroom of my own. Statistically, a third of teachers quit the profession after 5 years. I was almost proud that I had beat that, but after my 6th year, I decided I was done.

It was a combination of many things, and every current and former teacher I talked to knew those things completely. I won’t drag you down about why education is failing teachers, I want to talk about now.

What now?

I have no idea.

I have been asked this question for the last 4…5…6 months. I don’t have an answer for you so you can stop asking me.

I spent the last ten years working toward being the best teacher for my students that I could possibly be and now I’m listless, purposeless and directionless.

What I do know is that I want to work, that I love my daughter’s daycare and I don’t want to pull her out and that I want to continue to do something that betters humanity.

I know I’m young and I can do anything, I still have time. The problem currently is that I am ready to dive into a huge career change and I have no idea what I want that to be.

I also know that I can’t wait around forever to figure this out. I may have a household and children to care for, but we also have bills to pay and they won’t wait for me to find my most perfect path. Even if my family will.

Did you have a second career? What challenges did you face to change careers?